Clearly Natural

Natural isn’t always colorful and “pretty”. But, it is still beautiful.

By introducing many of our natural products in clear packaging we are showing off our products contents as a priority. With many of our items not having added colors and relying upon natural oils and other ingredients it presents them in their off white or yellow hues. They are rarely clear, often opaque or cloudy in appearance. To some that may seem wrong, that we should hide these less “attractive” traits by using colorants or hide them in their packaging. We don’t agree.

There is beauty in these less colorful products. That is the beauty of their natural state, untouched by bleaching agents and artificial colors. We see that lack of unnecessary ingredients to make them appear more vibrant; offer no tangible positives in performance. Tiny imperfections caused by using very simple production methods proof of our brand’s commitment to natural. While our contemporaries use flair to distract your eyes, we let our products be seen for exactly what they are made of.

We do use color here and there to help differentiate formulas and scents. And where it makes sense, such colorants will remain in use. As we migrate to our new Stand-Up Pouches for all our liquid soaps and conditioners, along with the clear bottles and jars we have been using, we wish to let the simplicity of their formulations shine through. While you may see dingy and dull colors, yellows and grey hues; you are seeing proof that we make natural products free of all that is not necessary to bring you a quality product that performs as needed.

There are others who make products that remain clear, or pure white; even may have a pastel color. In most of these instances extra steps are taken to remove the color from the natural ingredient, or they use fruit based colorants and compounds like titanium dioxide to make their product more “pure” in appearance. Our view is that the product in itself can show off how natural it is without the need to appeal to a sense of perceived purity through added colorants.

Don’t expect us to be embarrassed by any of this, as it is a reason for us to be proud. And we feel that the folks who buy our products will relish our decision to not hide the natural beauty of our products. This is just one more way we buck trends and carve our own path.