Why your expanded assortment item takes more time:

In select products we offer “Expanded Assortment” options for scents. It literally means we are able to expand upon or normal assortment of in-stock offerings with items that are made to order. These additional items are scents we have made in the past as regular stock that had limited popularity or are scents some have requested but do not warrant full production.

Most of our items are easily customizable. We produce an unscented base that can be scented and packaged later, as needed. This permits more flexibility in our offerings without increasing our production costs exponentially. This is how we are able to offer Expanded Assortment. As long as if we have the fragrance ingredients we can continue to make the finished scented item. Unlike our normal inventory, where we produce an amount to satisfy anticipated demand for a span of time, expanded assortment items are produced the day we receive your order.

Whenever we package products, whether for inventory needs or for customized orders, we need to wait an extra day to ensure the product set as expected and meets our quality control standards. When adding fragrance and essential oils to our bases it can result in unexpected changes to the product. This is chemistry and if the ambient temperature and humidity levels are not ideal it can cause the base to react differently. This is extremely rare, but possible! Gently adding any amount of oils to our liquid soap base can cause the bonds of the ingredients to break and make the soap too watery. With beard oils & Original Beard Butter it can cause the ingredients to separate or layer.

Whenever we make an expanded assortment item for you, it is scented and packaged and set in a cool dark place overnight. The next day we open the package and inspect for any changes to consistency as well as fragrance accuracy before we commit to fulfilling your order.

By being able to provide this service, we are able to reach more people and provide more options to our customers. It also allows us to ensure you get a fresher product that has not sat waiting to be shipped for too long. We wish to continue to offer more items in more options for you. Sadly, we cannot bring these options to bar soaps, solid shampoo, creams, and lotions.

So, this is why it takes at least 1 extra day to process your order when you order an Expanded Assortment option.

Expanded Assortment Fragrances

It has been an important component of our business to offer as much choice as possible. It is why we have 3 beard oil formulas, 6 shampoo bars and numerous fragrance choices spread between all of our products.

In most situations, giving so many options is considered a drain upon a business. They can add costs and lead to a potential to have stagnant inventory for less popular items. Every scent we introduce is an investment in all the parts that contribute to that scent, and some of those parts can get very expensive. Essential and natural fragrance oils are a large determining factor for our pricing.

We wish to offer more scent option but we did not wish to be burdened with inventory that may not turn as fast. Our solution is to offer an expanded assortment of scents that will be made to order. We have developed a means to allow us to offer more choice without much of the risks. Our costs will only slightly be increased to offer these options which will be reflected in the pricing. Each expanded assortment scent will be marked “EA” after the scent name to let you know that this is a made to order item. When purchasing such an item, you may have a 1 day delay to shipping to permit time to produce your item. These scents will also be available for the Subscription plans for related items.

Of our current scents, there will be a few that will migrate to Expanded Assortment as our current on-hand inventory is diminished. Over time we hope to bring back many of the fragrances we have offered in the past as Limited Editions, such as Howard’s Pipe and Bay Rum to beard oils. There has also been a request for Shanghai fragrance to be added to our beard care line. We will also be able to offer more scents in Shower Wash, Body Oil, Lotion and Body Mist. We will also look into scented options for Junk Oil as we have had a few inquiries.

We hope you are as excited about this as we are! Look for the updates coming.