Head Office Communique – September 24, 2020

This should be a brief one:

B2G1 Offer is extended until Halloween. Yup, the buy 2 beard care products get a Beard Oil free is good until October 31, 2020.

New Products Coming

Early work has begun on new products. First up, natural stick deodorant. This has been on the back burner for the last couple years as we have been waiting for the right time. With our current refocus to bath & body basics for J+L Apothecary, the time is right to start development on this often requested product. We will have one or two options based on a base that will be great for even the most sensitive skin. The focus is not to offer up our “scents” as the function of the deodorant. We will take the same approach we did with J&L Pogonotrophics’ Junk Oil, and focus on maintaining freshness over layering in more scents.

Also in the works is something outside our refocus, but is often requested and suits our Primp + Jol concept. That is scented candles. Not a bath & body basic, but something that can add your favorite fragrances from our long list of scents to any room in your house. We have said in the past that we are not a “candle maker”, and that will hold true. Yes, we may make candles, but they will be considered an accessory type item. If they become our biggest seller, maybe then we will rethink this position.

We are also bringing our Clay Mask System to an end. The current inventory is being pulled to be reworked into something new. Our current inventory of Solid Cologne is also being removed as we rework this line. We will use our remaining inventory as scent samples for those remaining fragrances that we will give out free with some orders. We hope to reintroduce Solid Cologne before the holidays in a new shape, new size and some new scents. We are elevating this product to fully represent the stature of what cologne is for many folks. The listings for these items are being removed very soon.

Corrupted Product Data Issue

Recently we had an issue with corrupted product listings for a couple very specific items. We are not sure as to what caused the problem, but we were able to correct it as quickly as possible. Although we do not know the specific cause, it is likely linked to module updates to our eCommerce system. There were many updates the day prior to discovery of the corruption, and each of those modules connect to and rely upon our product catalog data. During these updates, our data backup was refreshed. This means that the data corruption occurred before the backup or was caused by the backup itself. Do rest assured, this had absolutely no impact on any customer data or personal identity information.

Gift Wrapping will Return November 1!

We haven’t forgotten about skin care

With our recent focus on the bearded gents this fall, we do not intend to leave out skin care from our seasonal focus. The change of seasons takes it toll on skin as well for the same reasons it affects beards. Personally I am already noticing that my skin is more dry and itchy, and it hasn’t been that cold yet here in Chicago.

I have already had to get back into my foot care regimen using our Foot + Dry Skin Cream after every shower to put the brakes on the damage before it gets to be a problem.

Our new Revitalizing Skin Lotion with Kelp (still in testing) has being kept at hand. It has been SOOOOOO awesome that I cannot wait to share it with all of you. Kelp is great for building collagen and great moisturizers like aloe, shea butter and argan oil do great work to keep my skin soft. Using the same organic base as our other lotions means it absorbs quick and doesn’t feel greasy. We hope to have our first batch ready very soon!

Masks are an ideal way to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize skin – and not just for your face. You can use a mask anywhere you tend to have “problem skin” – arms, legs, chest, back. They are also a great way to detox from antiperspirant use; helping remove the build-up of pore clogging ingredients from your underarm.

Later this month we will shine a spotlight on our Clay Mask Creator System. Our growing array of clay mixes and added ingredients that help you craft a custom mask to suit your needs, even as your needs change. You can also combine our clays with items you may already have in your home; like honey, cider vinegar, lemon juice, avocado – the list is endless! Already value priced, we will offer a great discount on all our clay masks before the end of October so you can stock up.

Rest assured, if you are in need of amazing, natural, high-quality yet affordable skin care products J&L has you covered!

Introducing: Clay Mask Creator System

We first launched our first clay masks summer of 2017. They were an instant hit with customers, often selling out at every pop-up. When the season came to an end we started to analyze what we learned from our customers as we were introducing and selling our clay masks. A few months were spent looking at what others offer in the way of clay masks.

First we learned that they are pricey for all that they really are. A single use prepared mask was running anywhere from $2.00 to $5.00 at most retailers with upscale brands that offer little more being at the higher end. For products that were intended to offer multiple uses the prices started out at $20.00 for a 2 ounce jar or tube. Reading the ingredients in many of these masks also concerned us; use of lesser quality oils, harmful preservatives and very little of the good stuff.

Customers informed us that different masks were needed for varying needs throughout the year. Seasons and activities would require purchasing multiple masks to be bought and stored, creating a much higher expense. For us, to make masks that suited the ever changing tastes and needs of customers would mean making dozens of clay masks, leading to an inventory nightmare and the potential for customers to have products that would lose their effectiveness as they sat waiting to be used when necessity struck.

We love the idea of customization; making things personal for each person and for each situation. We have offered this concept in much of our beard care line already. It is the reason why we offer so many scent variations in most of our products as well. We had to ask ourselves how we could bring this concept to clay masks and keep it inline with our values.

It all starts with great clay mixtures that target base skin needs – dry, moderate (normal), oily, sensitive and combination skin types. Then we thought about all the great liquid add-ins that one could use to build their mask. Some great ingredients are likely already in your pantry, others ideal ingredients may be expensive to keep in sensible quantities in your home. We broke down each possible ingredient that would be part of a perfect clay mask and focused on those items that are less likely in the household –  organic natural oils, glycerin, essential oils. From there we started building our system in stages.

First stage is to select a clay mix powder engineered for your specific needs. These mixtures all contain aloe vera and a couple clay powders. Each jar of clay is roughly 2 ounces in volume – due to the differing densities of clay they weights vary. You can easily get up to 12 masks out of each jar when prepared.

Second stage is to select liquid add-ins. Pulling from your pantry try coconut oil, organic cider vinegar or honey; or goats milk from the fridge. You can use any of our scented Body Oils, Junk Oil or even beard oils that you are already using. Or, you can buy one of our liquid add-ins like Argan + Jojoba Oil, or Glycerin + Aloe. Best to use a combination of liquids to craft your mask. We plan to keep adding items to the list based upon feedback. Basic rule is to mix equal parts of clay & liquid. Less liquid for a thicker mask, more for a creamy one. No set rule of how much, it all depends on where you wish to use it – 1.5 tablespoons would do your entire face for sure.

Third stage, to really make it yours, add some aromatherapy essential oil dilutions. A few drops of any one to help stimulate your mood or get more out of your mask. You can mix it up here too. Choose scents to help you relax, meditate or rejuvenate.

The best part is you can mix and match any of these add-ins. Use 2 or more liquids along with a couple aromatherapy oils to make the ultimate mask for you. You can even mix any of our clay powders for your base to really change it up.

R: Moroccan + Bentonite clay mask prepared

Like any mask, apply to washed skin and let dry. This often takes 15 minutes on average. Oils alone won’t “dry” but they will form a firm layer and thicken as it sets. With more water based add-ins you will see the clay change color, often becoming lighter as it dries. Some report that a mask tingles when dry or feels tighter on their skin. Once dried satisfactorily, rinse off the mask with a circular rubbing motion. This adds to the exfoliating power as you remove it. Upon the mask being completely rinsed away your skin should feel silky smooth. After drying your face, you may apply a small amount of our body oil or misting spray to add moisture – but you really don’t need to. Avoid applying heavy creams or lotions immediately afterwards as this essentially defeats the purpose of a mask by adding back in the toxins. Let your skin breathe!