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Zephyrus Wintertale Wax Melts • Winter Collection


Only here for through the winter season.

This is a very special fragrance and candle to us. Named for our beloved Samoyed that passed earlier this year, we decided to find the ideal winter scent to carry on his character and warmth. Zephyr is the Grecian god of the west wind, and the harbinger of Spring – and ideal name for us such a “snow dog”. This scent is wintry with notes of conifer trees; spirited with peppermint and eucalyptus, warming with notes of cedar and incense. Zephyr was all that and more and we hope you find this scent as special as we have.

Note Profile
Top: Camphor, Ozone, Mint
Sage, Cypress, Peppermint, Eucalyptus
Juniper, Spice, Incense, Patchouli, Cedar

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JÖL Wax Melts are hand poured soy wax infused with natural fragrance and essential oils to create an appealing aroma when used with a wax warming apparatus. Enjoy a different long lasting fragrance in any room in your home. Intended for use with wax melt burners, plug in wax warmers, and candle warmers. Simply add one cube to your wax warmer and enjoy the scent. Wax Melts offer a means to capture the aroma of a candle without an open flame.

Each 76g – 2.7 ounce pack contains 6 pieces.


Exclusively for use with Wax Melt warmers.

Break off a piece and place in warmer tray or tray liner.

Follow all instructions that are specific to your warmer of choice. Each piece is roughly .45 ounces. Do not exceed the capacity of your warmer. Do not use warmer in an unsafe area, near flammable fabrics and materials.  Place on a solid, stable, surface. For best results, place warmer where there will be adequate air flow to disperse fragrance.

Use of melt outside of a proper warming device is not safe. Do not try to burn melts like a candle, do not expose to open flame.

Store unused melts in sealed package. DO NOT REFILL package with used melts. Re-use of melts is not recommended. Otherwise, dispose of used melt wax in solid form after cooling.

We use only ethically and naturally sourced soy wax for our melts and candles. Easily biodegradable and vegan friendly.

Fragrances are created from blends of essential oils and Clean Scent fragrance oils. Clean Scent oils are free of phthalates as well as exclude materials with similar health concerns, including those on California’s Prop 65 list – ingredients believed to be carcinogenic by the State of California.

Why we do not color our candles: For our container candles and melts we find that added colorants would not genuinely add to the experience of the fragrance as the wax would not be openly visible. This leaves the only purpose a color would provide is for product differentiation. Our product labels handle that task for now. If we produce candles variants in the future like pillars or clear glass containers we may consider adding color to those options.


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Weight 3 oz
Scent / Fragrance

Zephyrus Wintertale