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THE TIDE IS NIGH Room + Fabric Spray • Summer Collection

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A NEW Part of our Spring – Summer Collection Arriving March 1st!

Think crashing waves along a beach that fades into grassy dunes. The salty air kissed with the fragrance of wild flowers. A light, but not too light, fragrance that will take you to that summer beach cottage that you have dreamed of.

Presented here as a fine mist Room + Fabric Spray to bring the fragrance to any room in your home, in you car or any space you wish. All natural water based formula.

Note Profile
Top: Ozone, Citrus
Middle: Sea Salt, Jasmine
Base: Light Musk, Powder, Violet, Cedar

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JÖL ROOM + FABRIC SPRAY is a safe and natural alternative to commonly found Room Deodorizers, and better formulated than common “Linen Sprays” offered by crafters.

Five simple, plant-sourced, ingredients that we are all familiar with are blended to create an easy-to-use scented room spray that will refresh stale environment. It will help mask odors and provide a light scent with just a few pulls of the trigger.

As a Fabric Spray, you can mist over bedding, sofas, and other soft surfaces to remove scents transferred from pets, kids, or other odors that have been lingering in the air. Not ideal for very fine fabrics like silk, rayon, and nylon with direct application due to the natural oils used for fragrance; but a light misting into the air around should be fine. *

We use 100% naturally sourced “clean” scent oils that don’t require any special alerts or notices (CA Prop 65)  – phthalate free! Oils are well emulsified with water, alcohol, and vegetable glycerin to allow easy disperse the scent and quick evaporation of everything else. Polysorbate-20 is used, which is also sourced from plants, to keep the ingredients well blended.

JÖL ROOM + FABRIC SPRAY is available in a wide variety of Year-Round and Seasonal scents that complements our growing line of JÖL for Home scented products.

Available as a 240ml 8 fl. Oz. Mist Spray Bottle.

* We suggest spot testing for upholstery and fabrics that cannot be easily washed by applying a very small amount in an area that is not easily visible to see if discoloration of fabric occurs.

Use: Unlock the trigger by pushing the button on the trigger neck to open/spray. In center of room, pull trigger a couple/few times in a sweeping motion as you turn to a side. A 12 x 12 room may only need 2 or 3 sprays, larger rooms will take more. The larger the room, the wider the sweeping motion.

Use on fabrics/surfaces: Pillow shams/covers, bed linens, curtains, couch throws and other fabric surfaces can be refreshed by spray above/over the surface. Holding the spray nozzle a meter (3 feet) or more over the fabric and spray in the same sweeping motion. Allow surfaces to dry.

Other uses: Spray interior of your vehicle. Take into the office spray your work space (but we do suggest checking with others who may share your space). Use outside if in a tent or canopy to liven up the space a little. If relaxing while reading or meditating, give a couple spritzes in your immediate space to soften the senses and provide a little aroma therapy.

Note: Like other natural room and fabric sprays you may find in specialty boutiques and department stores, essential and fragrance oils are used to achieve the fragrance. Though very minimal in quantity in each spray, if allowed to accumulate on any fabric, it can lead to discoloration through a darkening stain. The risk is very slight, but it is still possible. The amount of oil in a typical application is less than what would come from natural oils on your hands.




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Tide is Nigh