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SUBURBAN SATURDAY Room + Fabric Spray • Summer Collection


Here for the Spring & Summer seasons!

The smell of fresh cut grass with gentle floral notes. Reminiscent of Saturday mornings for those that grew up in any neighborhood where the lawn mowers buzzed for blocks around you first thing Saturday morning. This is THE scent of summer for us.

Note Profile
Top: Lemongrass, Citrus
Middle: Green Leaves, Grass
Base: Moss, Sage

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Enjoy this candle fragrance without lighting a candle. Ideal for those times you wish to give any space a little pick-up to the comfort level. Simply spray the mist into the air around you. This spray is light and will not over power the room. Now it won’t neutralize strong odors, but it will help remove the staleness of the space.

The water based formula is safer on fabrics that most similar style sprays you will find in department stores. Safe to spray for linens, throws and any washable fabrics. Although we do suggest not spraying directly onto upholstered furniture without testing in an inconspicuous spot first. See MORE DETAILS & USE for specifics.

Unlike many of the Linen Sprays you will find online through Etsy or D.I.Y., there is not a lot of shaking needed every time you use it as we use a proper oil & water emulsifier that is plant sourced.

The non-aerosol, all natural ingredients mean no petrol-chemicals are used and is less likely to cause adverse reactions. Phthalate free, using only clean “safe” scents that do not require Prop65 warnings.

240ml (8.11 fl oz) in PET spray bottle. Refill pouches coming later this year.

Use: Unlock the trigger by pushing the button on the trigger neck to open/spray. In center of room, pull trigger a couple/few times in a sweeping motion as you turn to a side. A 12 x 12 room may only need 2 or 3 sprays, larger rooms will take more. The larger the room, the wider the sweeping motion.

Use on fabrics/surfaces: Pillow shams/covers, bed linens, curtains, couch throws and other fabric surfaces can be refreshed by spray above/over the surface. Holding the spray nozzle a meter (3 feet) or more over the fabric and spray in the same sweeping motion. Allow surfaces to dry.

Other uses: Spray interior of your vehicle. Take into the office spray your work space (but we do suggest checking with others who may share your space). Use outside if in a tent or canopy to liven up the space a little. If relaxing while reading or meditating, give a couple spritzes in your immediate space to soften the senses and provide a little aroma therapy.

Note: Like other natural room and fabric sprays you may find in specialty boutiques and department stores, essential and fragrance oils are used to achieve the fragrance. Though very minimal in quantity in each spray, if allowed to accumulate on any fabric, it can lead to discoloration through a darkening stain. The risk is very slight, but it is still possible. The amount of oil in a typical application is less than what would come from natural oils on your hands



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Suburban Saturday