Our lighter hold wax for control and minor styling.

An all new formula that gives you an easy way to apply and gives a light to moderate hold. Great for lighter whiskers, works well for thicker whiskers too but with less hold. It’s like a styling pomade for your moustache – it helps keep it out of your mouth!

NOTE: This product is 100% natural and contains no petroleum jelly. Item is not scented so to avoid irritation to nose as well as not conflict with any other products you may be using. As with any wax, high heat and humidity will lessen the hold qualities or length of effectiveness.

Packaged in our classic metal tin, you get 60ml/2fl oz of wax

Contains: babassu oil, purified beeswax, certified organic castile oil soap, aloe vera gel (in water solution), gum arabic, frankincense & myrrh essential oils (for scent)

Suggested use: using a finger tip, pull/scoop out a tiny dab. Use hair dryer to soften if necessary. Rub between your thumb and fingers and then pull through your mustache in an outward motion. Apply more as needed. For shorter mustaches, rub through and use a very fine comb to keep whiskers neat and laying flat. Mist lightly with water on top before returning the lid too keep it from drying further.


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Weight 2.65 oz