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Candle Fragrance Test Sampler


This Sampler is temporarily unavailable as we work to update the assortment and ensure proper representation of each currently available JÖL for Home scent.

The challenge to buying candles online is not having a reliable means to determine how well you will enjoy the fragrance. No matter how well a description is described, each person may have their own interpretation or perception of the blending of notes. This is why we developed this Scent Sampler.

Each sampler contains a Scented Wax wafer for each of our current scents with each wafer labeled and packaged separately. Designed to offer a clearer idea of each candle’s fragrance, they are poured from the same wax when we make each candle. There is no better way to sample the fragrance unless you have the actual candle in front of you.

With the purchase of this Candle Fragrance Test Sampler, you will receive a coupon via email for $2.00 Off; to be used with your next candle purchase.

Out of stock


The current sampler offers a scented wax wafer for each current candle option. This will be all “every day” options as well as current Seasonal options. The presentation may not be glamorous, but we wish to make it easy for you to get the best possible representation of each candle fragrance.

Each chip is sealed separately and labeled to identify the scent. Limit 1 Sampler per order please.

To see what wafers you can expect to find in the current editions, see the More Details tab

What’s inside:

One wafer for each of the current “Year Round” scents; One wafer for each of the available scents of the currently active season(s). We may also include remaining scent wafers for past seasons, Limited Editions and potentially no longer available scents.

“Off Season” and Limited Engagement samples may not be available in each set if we run out of wafers before we plan to resume production of the candle. Inclusion of a scent in this collection does not guarantee it will be in stock or will continue being available. If the item is seasonal, anticipate the announcement of returning seasonal items. Year Round scents may sell out before a planned restock. Please email us if you don’t see your favorite Year Round scent in stock so we can let you know when to anticipate its return to stock.

How our SEASONS work: SPRING Scents are made available to sell March 1st; SUMMER Scents: April 1st; AUTUMN Scents September 1st. WINTER & HOLIDAY Scents October 1st. Spring + Summer seasons end with the launch of Autumn; Autumn ends December 1st, Holiday Ends Jan 1st, and Winter Ends March 1st. Timing is not guaranteed, as any number of reasons may cause delays or a limited availability.

Limited Engagement Scents are not on any set schedule; are made in a finite quantity in a solitary production run. Once the last one sells it may not return again – or will return after a period of time to let excitement build.

Weight 6 oz