Candle Fragrance Test Sampler


Wish to experience what each candle we offer smells like? We can offer a scented wax chip poured from the same wax we used to pour the candle. Each “chip” is poured from remaining wax after we produce each scent. This is the best means to represent the actual fragrance of the candle without actually having the candle in front of you.

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The current sampler offers a scent chip for each of these candles: Bamboo Forest, Whiskey Tango, Oakmoss + Amber, Black Cherry Pipe Tobacco, Tonka + Oud, Balsam Fir + Cedar, Cedar Leather, Ginger Saffron. The presentation may not be glamorous, but we wish to make it easy for you to get the best possible representation of each candle fragrance.

Each chip is sealed separately and labeled to identify the scent. Limit 1 Sampler per customer please.

After you purchase this Candle Fragrance Test Sampler, you will receive a coupon via email for $2.00 Off your next candle purchase.