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Services or Goods Provider Application

For those offering goods, raw materials, ingredients: You much be able to provide very small minimum order quantities and values to be considered. J&L is currently a boutique specialty maker of goods produced in very small batches. Note any

At J&L, we receive an ever increasing array of unsolicited offers to provide us with goods or services. Far too many of these offers are thinly hidden attempts to distribute malicious content or phishing scams. To protect our business, its systems as well as our customers we require all offers to be submitted via this form. We also will thoroughly vet all offers to ensure that any service or goods provider shares our values and goals.

Please let us know from where your business will be providing offered services or goods.

Due to agreements with our financial supporters, we may not able to purchase materials or use services from providers outside the United States. If your business is not located fully within the United States your application may not be accepted.

What service or materials are you offering:

Do you have unilateral standardized pricing for your goods or services that are readily viewable?

Choose one(required)

We will request a price list with all details to review if interested. If this cannot be provided, we cannot accept any offer.

For Packaging and Raw Goods Offers (Service Providers can skip these 2)

1. Are you able to offer reasonable prices for less than case quantities, or units below 500?

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2. In regards to order fulfillment, do you charge “handling/picking” fees; charge at or above list shipping rates; have “Terms of Sale” or other forced policy that releases you and the carrier of any responsibility or liability for not fully delivering an order directly to the consignee? Any of these items may disqualify your offer. We must be able to balance the cost of goods with such additional expenses to ensure we offer a genuine value to our customers.

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Other details about your business

Being a genuinely diverse, inclusive and progressive institution is essential to us. We look for the same in those we contract. Any business we buy from or provide us a paid service should be a good citizen in their community; have a strong policy against ANY form of discrimination; the employees are a mirror representation of the community it resides in based upon race, gender, sexuality/gender identity and age. Political activity of the business and its leadership will also be investigated to ensure that the money we give you through doing business with you is not used to restrict human rights, negatively affect freedoms of any person, compromise the safety of any person or group, or have aided any organization or person that has demonstrated such actions in the past.

Do you have a posted HR/Diversity policy that is adhered to within your business; and be able to present a text copy upon request? We may also request other verification of related policies and use any resource available to us to determine if your company lives its own policy. Review site grades will also be considered.

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Upon receipt of your application we will review and validate all provided information. There is no need to contact us to follow up. If we find what is being offered of use or beneficial to our goals we will respond to you.