All of the fragrances and scents we use are natural and oil based. We use Essential Oils, many are certified organic, as well as fragrance blends we acquire from other makers. All pre-formulated fragrances we use are proprietary to their maker and are all 100% phthalate free.


Our CORE Beard Care Scents: In Spring of 2018 we changed the names for the bulk of our beard care scents. This was not an easy decision for us, knowing that this could easily lead to confusion among our established customers. We list the former name under its new name as well as a brief description. The scent did not change, only the name!

  • ABSINTHE – anise, peppermint, citrus and a touch of rosemary
  • HAVANA – aged tobacco leaf
  • JAKARTA – formerly Exotic Spice, dark patchouli, rosewood, lavender, eucalyptus
  • LEXINGTON – formerly Bourbon & Sandalwood, caramel-like notes with the warmth of sandalwood
  • OCEANIA – formerly Tea Tree & Lemongrass, crisp and light with citrus-like notes
  • OXFORD – formerly Cedar & Leather, a classic masculine cologne scent
  • WOODSMAN – traditional pine with cedar, balsam and fir needle

MADE TO ORDER Scents: Along with our CORE “ready to ship” fragrances, we offer a large number of “Made to Order” options. These may take an extra day to process when ordered and can also carry a small up-charge. We may also pull from our Apothecary scent options at times. Not all scents are available year round; on all products; or available in a subscription.

  • BAY RUM – a classic men’s fragrance, rich in spices
  • DARK ROAST – dark coffee scent
  • HOWARD’S PIPE – cherry pipe tobacco
  • LAKESIDE – a lighter ‘Fresh Water’ scent with sweeter notes
  • LEATHER – the aroma of tanned black leather
  • LIME SAGE – used in our shaving line, simple mellow scent
  • ATHENS – formerly CLASSIC SPICE, blend of resin based scents of amber, frankincense and myrrh
  • KUNUNURRA – teak & sandalwood, soft warm wood notes
  • FIRENZE – herbal bay & rosemary
  • TAROCCO – bitter citrus with blood orange, bergamot and grapefruit
  • SEASIDE – a deeper ‘Fresh Water’ scent with notes of spice and wood

Many Beard Care scents are also available as soaps, lotions, and cologne. The more popular the scent, the more likely you will find it across both brands.


In our Shaving line we introduced scent options over the last year. Our Soaps, Shaving Cream, After Shave Lotion and Shaving Oil all have fragrance options.

  • BAY RUM – same as above
  • EUCALYPTUS MINT – sharp mix of essential oils to liven up your face
  • LIME SAGE (also labeled as just Lime, this is our ORIGINAL shaving line scent)
  • OXFORD – same as above
  • SANDALWOOD – warm subtle scent


In addition to some of the Beard Care scents listed above, we offer a broad array of fragrances which we use in various Apothecary products. Below is a list with key scent notes. Our scent options change often as we wish to give you as much choice as possible. We hope to bring a “Made to Order” scenting system to our SHOWER WASH to allow more choice and pairings.

  • CITRUS GROVE – blend of citrus fruit oils with added herbal notes (DISCONTINUED 2020)
  • CUCUMBER MELON – natural fragrance oil that smells of the named fruits
  • GRAPEFRUIT HERB – pink grapefruit with rosemary and a touch of lime
  • GRAPEFRUIT RHUBARB – pink grapefruit paired with rhubarb
  • LONDON – floral scent of rose & peony
  • MONT VENTOUX – French lavender
  • MATCHA MINT – traditional Japanese green tea with a touch of spearmint
  • TEA TREE – simple tea tree oil is used for its many benefits
  • SHANGHAI – white nectarine, ginger, green tea and cardamom

New scents:

  • ARUBA – tropical punch of mango and coconut
  • BLUEBERRY THYME – deep berry scent with light herbaceous notes

Unscented and Natural Scents

These mean the exact same thing to us. Any item we offer that uses either of these descriptors is 100% FREE of any fragrance oils and carry only the natural scents of all ingredients. In some items where we use essential oils for any of their known properties for skin and hair, the essential oils will naturally add a fragrance. As well as many of the ingredients we use have their own natural fragrance. This does not mean they are “scented” but are indeed NATURAL and UNSCENTED.