In Spring of 2018 we changed the names for the bulk of our beard care scents. This was not an easy decision for us, knowing that this could easily lead to confusion among our established customers.

Of any of the scents we have created since our launch, all are still available outside of special holiday scents. There names may very well be different but the formulas behind them are the same.

A contributing reason for the change was to shorten and simplify our naming convention. Some names were getting rather long making it hard to read on labels. Through consultation with many followers and supporters we decided that it was a necessary move to do now, while we are still gaining exposure, to make any changes to our scent names. Our idea is to name the scent based upon a geographical location of a key component of the scent when possible. Below is a list of all the names affected.

  • Classic Spice is now ATHENS – moved to Expanded Assortment
  • Bay & Rosemary is now FIRENZE – moved to Expanded Assortment
  • Tobacco Leaf is now HAVANA
  • Exotic Spice is now JAKARTA
  • Teak & Sandalwood is now KUNUNURRA – moved to Expanded Assortment
  • Bourbon & Sandalwood is now LEXINGTON
  • Tea Tree & Lemongrass is now OCEANIA
  • WOODSMAN stays the same

We also introduced a couple new scents at the time of the changes:

  • ABSINTHE – new for 2019. Evokes the fragrance of its namesake with notes of anise, peppermint and citrus
  • OXFORD – was first introduced in J&L Apothecary products as Cedar & Leather
  • TAROCCO – a bitter citrus scent named for the Blood Orange varietal

EXPANDED ASSORTMENT scent options. Bringing together limited run scents from the past along with often requested scents. This allows you to select from a number of additional scents that are all made to order. Some carry a small premium to purchase but it allows us to give you more options without us having to lock in inventory for these more specialized scents. Due to these being made to order, it is likely to add an additional weekday to process your order.

  • BAY RUM – traditional men’s fragrance
  • DARK ROAST – espresso coffee scent
  • HOWARD’S PIPE – cherry pipe tobacco
  • LIME SAGE – use in our shaving line, simple mellow scent
  • RAPA NUI (formerly SEA STORM) – our “dark” tropical scent
  • SHANGHAI – nectarine, ginger & green tea. Sweetly earthy.