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Scents and Fragrances

Whether you wish to call them scents or fragrances, we hope to provide additional details that help give a better example of what to expect when you first encounter one of our scents. Within this page you will find all currently available scents we offer with descriptors of the scent profile and specific essential oils used when possible. Recently retired scents are also noted.

This updated listing of our fragrances will aid in determining scent profile notes as well as key ingredients that may lead to an allergic reaction. For ease of labeling of each unit, we meet FDA guidelines (which aid in protecting intellectual property) by use of the term, “Fragrance” in our ingredients listing for any item base product that offers variable scents. Use of this list is to help learn more about what we use to scent our products that we may not be able to fit into item listings on our site, or on the product label.

Our scent ingredients are easily sorted into two categories ESSENTIAL OILS and FRAGRANCE OILS. Essential oils includes any distilled oil obtained directly from the source, whether the source is seeds, fruit, leaves, bark, stems, wood or resin. These essential oils are purified and bottled with no other added ingredients. Fragrance oils are a manufactured oil blend made from various essential oils and natural oil infusions to create a desired scent profile. Natural oils can also contain synthetic scents made from natural (plant sourced) components. All the fragrance oils we use are of a proprietary formulas created by a 3rd party. Although we cannot share their exact formulary, we can assure you that every fragrance oil we use is 100% natural, phthalate free, and carcinogen free. In some cases, we have a proprietary scent of our own creation that is inclusive of both essential and fragrance oils.

We currently have over 30 essential oils and another 30+ fragrance oils available to use in any item we make. Nearly 80% of our essential oils are certified Organic, we hope to reach 90% by the end of 2021. Unfortunately, not all essential oils have an Organic option commonly available at this time, so we strongly rely upon the maker’s certification of purity to ensure we are providing the safest oil we can.

How we use our fragrances

We are consistently testing and trying out new fragrances. We find inspiration from what is trending, what we find in others as well as suggestions from our customers. It is important for us for a scent to be more sophisticated and less common. We avoid cliche or overly used scents. Some are 100% our own formulation, some are sourced from premium quality scent designers. Some scent formulations come together quickly, some take months to years to test and tweak to reach our desired profile. Scents are often intended for one specific line: beard care; soaps & skin care; or candles. We produce an item to our specifications to include a moderate amount of the scent in proportion to industry guidelines. We then test for desired experiences based upon how the product is to be used. Scent retention, how long it lasts and the throw are all measured. Adjustments are made to achieve the desired strength. In candles, we work to ensure there is consistency between the Cold Throw and Hot Throw of the fragrance.

Strength of scent, or throw, can vary by product as well as vary by environmental conditions where the product is used. As well as how the product is intended to be used. Outside of beard oils, candles and room sprays, most scents are intended to fade quickly. To be present upfront to appeal to your senses but not carry with you all day. This is to prevent them clashing with other personal care products or fragrances you may use.

Q: How do we know what scents to use on what product?

A: We think of the intended use of the product and how the target customer or average user would use the product. Some items the scent is intended for a first impression to activate senses and stimulate mood. Other scents are to have a lingering affect, and to work with your personality or sense of self expression – how you may wish to affect others through scent. More so with our JÖL for Home items, the purpose is to bring character to a space and help you set a mood for yourself or those you invite into your space. If a scent is well received or makes an impression upon us, we then look to see what other products we wish to offer with this scent.

All Current and Recently Retired Fragrances

Here is a very comprehensive list of fragrances we implement across all of our brands. Our most popular are available in many of our various soap, skin and hair products for you to layer or to stay on theme when using them in combination. BOLD SCENT NAMES ARE DISCONTINUED

ABSINTHEAKA D’ABSENTEXXlicorice, menthol, citrus – like the liquorAnise, Lemon, Peppermint
ARCHERXearthy, spicy, Vetiver, Cedar, Clary Sage, Lavender
ARID FORESTXXdry wood, delicate flowers and warm still air, Palo Santo, Saffron
ARUBAXmango, coconut, hibiscus
ATHENSFKA CLASSIC SPICEXamber, musk, smokeFrankincense, Myrrh, Amber
BAMBOO FORESTXXXbergamot, green leaves, bamboo, teak
BAY RUMXspices, aged rum, bay rum tree leaves
BEAR-BERRY BALSAMXcranberry, balsam
BLUEBERRY THYMEXdark fruit, lightly herbal
CITRUS GREEN TEAXXcitrus, green tea,
CYPRESS + BAYBERRYXcypress, cedar, bayberry
EUCALYPTUS PEPPERMINTXXXeucalyptus, peppermintEucalyptus, Peppermint, Spearmint, Rosemary
FRONTIERSMANFKA WOODSMANXXjuniper, cedar, pine needlesBalsam Wood, Cedar Wood, Fir Needle
GARDENING AT NIGHTXtomato plant leaf
GIN + TONICXXjuniper, cypress, light citrusLemon, Lime
GINGER SAFFRONXXlemon, ginger, saffron, amber
GRAPEFRUIT HERBAKA GRAPEFRUIT ROSEMARYXpink grapefruit, rosemary, lime, sagePink Grapefruit, Rosemary
GRAPEFRUIT RHUBARBXpink grapefruitPink Grapefruit
Top: Chrysanthemum, Cinnamon, Citrus; Middle: Green Leaves, Berry, Apple; Base: Cedar, Pecan
HAVANAAKA TOBACCO LEAFXXaged tobacco leaf, brown sugar, whiskey
Middle: Cypress, Clove
Base: Fir, Pine
HOWARD’S PIPEReplaced with Black Cherry Pipe Tobacco scentXXcherry, aged tobacco leaf, brown sugar
JAKARTAFKA EXOTIC SPICEXXpatchouli, lavender, rosewoodPatchouli, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosewood
KUNUNURAFKA TEAK & SANDALWOODXXsandalwood, sweet teak woodTeak Wood, Sandalwood
LAKESIDEXXozone, floral, spice, mint, camphor
LEATHERXtanned leather
LEXINGTONFKA BOURBON & SANDALWOODXXbourbon, brown sugar, vanilla, sandalwood
LIME & BLACK PEPPERXlime, citrus, black pepperLime, Black Pepper, Sweet Orange
MATCHA MINTXgreen tea, spearmintSpearmint
MONTEGO BAYXTop: leather, allspice; Mid: teak, tobacco, clove; Base: sandalwood, peppercorn, amber
NEW GOLD DREAMXTop: orange peel, apple, peppercorn; Mid: cinnamon, clove; Base: tonka bean, vaniila
NIGHT SWIMMINGXXXpetitgrain, ozone, eucalyptus, sea salt, musk, sandalwood, plum
NORSEMANXXXlavender, eucalyptus, pine, cypress, bayberry
OAK MOSS + AMBERXXoak moss, amber, lavender, sage, orange
OCEANIAFKA TEA TREE & LEMONGRASSXXtea tree, lemongrass, eucalyptusTea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass
OXFORDFKA CEDAR LEATHERXXspice, cedar, amber, leather
RAIN IN THE SUMMERTIMEXTop: Marine, Green Floral, Cucumber
Middle: Earth
Base: Patchouli, Moss
REACH THE BEACHXTop: Orange Blossom, Cotton Blossom; Middle: Linen, Ozone; Base: Powder, Sandalwood
RED SANGRIAXXfruit, red wine, oak
SEASIDEXXcitrus, sage, jasmine, patchouli, amber
SHANGHAIXnectarine, ginger, green tea, cardamomCardamom
SMOKE + MIRRORSXXsuede, amber, oak moss
SUBURBAN SATURDAYXgrass, citrus, moss
TAROCCOXXbitter citrusBergamot, Lime, Lemon, Blood Orange, Pink Grapefruit
TEA TREEXtea tree, light spiceTea Tree Oil
THE TIDE IS NIGH XTop: Ozone, Citrus; Middle: Sea Salt, Jasmine; Base: Light Musk, Powder, Violet, Cedar
TONKA + OUDXXXdark fruit, smoke, dark musk, oud
WASSAILXmulled cider, spice, fruit
WHISKEY TANGO…Xsour mash whiskey, sandalwood
ZEPHYRUS WINTERTALEXXTop: mint, ozone; Mid: eucalyptus, peppermint, cypress, sage; Base: juniper, cedar, spice, incense
We will work to keep this up to date as we introduce new scents.

About Unscented and NATURAL Scent Items

These mean the exact same thing to us. Any item we offer that uses either of these descriptors is 100% FREE of any fragrance oils and carry only the natural scents of all core ingredients. In certain items where we use essential oils for any of their known properties for skin and hair, the essential oils will naturally add a fragrance which would not be masked by any other scent option. Many of the ingredients we use have their own natural fragrances that some may find less appealing than a “fragrance” option, but are not generally off-putting and will dissipate once applied. This does not mean they are “scented” but are indeed unscented and only carry its natural scent.


Scents are a highly subjective personal preference item. Knowing the limitations that being an online retailer presents in demonstrating fragrances, we try our best to give a relatable idea of what you may expect when purchasing any of our fragrance options. Yet, no matter what great detail we may go into to “paint a scent profile” you may find it is not accurate enough or you may have your own interpretation. Also, we are unable to detail the exact ingredients that go into each fragrance to protect intellectual property. Where possible, we list the essential oils we use but in other options we are relying upon scent formulas we acquire that we may also blend with other scents and essential oils to meet our goal in a desired fragrance profile. These 3rd party scents are vigorously tested for safe use in personal care and cosmetic products (with the exception of select candle fragrance oils).

If you are prone to have allergic reactions from certain components, we ask that you pay close attention to what details we offer in regards to the fragrance. If you do purchase an item, please perform a small patch test first. If you discover you have a strong reaction to the product, we will issue you an account credit for the purchase price of the item.

If you discover that the scent is very off-putting and offensive, at our option we may provide a courtesy account credit for use with a future purchase. This would be a ONE TIME option per scent/product. We can consult with you more directly about finding the right fragrance that would suit your tastes best and may offer to send you a replacement in lieu of the account credit. We do not offer any guarantee that you will love any specific scent as that would be unrealistic and virtually impossible to support. Even our most popular and well loved scents can be very unpleasant to some individuals; this is only logical and is why we provide so many options. Where others may not even give you an option in fragrance, we usually have at least 2 or 3 available and in select items we have our fragrance free options where performance of the product is more important that how it smells.

Allergies and potential pet toxicity: For all of our candle and home fragrance items, we work to ensure that these are 100% clean scents with components that are safe for the environment, your skin and are not likely to be harmful to common mammal pets. Our candles do not contain any pure essential oils. Essential oils when burned are not likely to hold onto their familiar scents and can become unpleasant. Instead, our scents for these items are made from natural scent components that are extracted from the source or similar items. If your pet is sensitive to lemon, lavender, vanilla, and pine it is best to avoid candles with those scent notes as those scents often are directly sourced using the components that are more likely connected to the sensitivity. Otherwise, these scent oils are not prone to cause allergic reactions or stimulate sensitivities. Many have been tested within our own home with our own pets.