Scents and Fragrances

Whether you wish to call them scents or fragrances, we hope to provide additional details that help give a better example of what to expect when you first encounter the scent. Within this page you will find all currently available scents we offer with descriptors of the scent profile and specific essential oils used when possible. Recently retired scents are also noted.

Our listings here will note our EVERY DAY scents, those we plan to offer year-round and then our SEASONAL options and other fragrances. SEASONAL options are not identified specifically, as they may change from year to year and also may have been a formerly retired fragrance. All fragrances list are done so by our branded names.

When it comes to ingredients for each scent, we are either using essential oils, sourced scent oils or a blend of both. We are currently using over 40 essential oils and another 50 fragrance oils. All are 100% natural and phthalate free. Nearly 80% of our essential oils are certified Organic, we hope to reach 90% by the end of 2021. Not all essential oils we use have an Organic option available at this time.

Our Current Fragrance Options List

Following below is a very comprehensive list of fragrances we use across both of our brands. Our most popular are available in many of our various soap, skin and hair products for you to layer to stay on theme when using them in combination.

J&L POGONOTROPHICS’ Fragrance options

These first 6 fragrances are considered our EVERY DAY scent options. These will be commonly available in all Beard Care products throughout the year. These are the scents you can count on us to keep in stock and ready most any day.

  • HAVANA – aged tobacco leaf
  • JAKARTA – formerly Exotic Spice, dark patchouli, rosewood, lavender, eucalyptus
  • LEXINGTON – formerly Bourbon & Sandalwood, caramel-like notes with the warmth of sandalwood
  • OCEANIA – formerly Tea Tree & Lemongrass, using those essential oils along with eucalyptus to create a crisp scent with citrus-like notes
  • OXFORD – formerly Cedar & Leather, a classic masculine cologne scent blend
  • FRONTIERSMAN – traditional pine fragrance with cedar, balsam and fir needle (new name for our original wood oil blend Scent)

The following list are recently available or even currently available fragrance options. Much of our SEASONAL options will be from this list. As we develop new fragrances we will add them to this list here. Availability of these scents may be limited to select items.

  • ABSINTHE / d’ABSENTE – anise, peppermint, citrus and a touch of rosemary oils
  • BAY RUM – a classic men’s fragrance, rich in spices
  • BAMBOO FOREST – lighter crisp grassy scent with sweet notes, with warm wood mid notes
  • HOWARD’S PIPE – cherry pipe tobacco
  • LAKESIDE – a lighter ‘Fresh Water’ scent with sweeter notes
  • LEATHER – the aroma of tanned black leather
  • ATHENS – formerly CLASSIC SPICE, blend of resin based scents of amber, frankincense and myrrh oils
  • TAROCCO – bitter citrus with blood orange, bergamot and grapefruit
  • SEASIDE – a deeper ‘Fresh Water’ scent with notes of spice and wood
  • SANDALWOOD (aka KUNUNURRA) – traditional, warm and subtle wood notes
  • EUCALYPTUS MINT – invigorating mix of 4 essential oils: peppermint, eucalyptus, spearmint, rosemary

Some of the above options may also be made available in assorted items under the J+L Apothecary brand.


Much like the above fragrances, these scents will be used with many of our soaps, lotions and scrubs. First are our Every Day scents for Soaps

  • GRAPEFRUIT RHUBARB – pink grapefruit paired with rhubarb
  • SHANGHAI – white nectarine, ginger, green tea and cardamom
  • MATCHA MINT – traditional Japanese green tea with a touch of spearmint
  • TEA TREE – simple tea tree oil is used for its many benefits

The following scents are available in assorted items, discontinued or part of our SEASONAL options.

  • ARUBA – tropical punch of mango and coconut
  • BAMBOO FOREST – lighter crisp grassy scent with sweet notes, with warm wood mid notes
  • BLUEBERRY THYME – deep berry scent with light herbaceous notes
  • GRAPEFRUIT HERB – pink grapefruit with rosemary and a touch of lime
  • LONDON – floral scent of rose & peony
  • MONT VENTOUX – French lavender

JÖL Fragrances

The list of scents for Candles is growing. Many or “candle friendly” variants of our most popular fragrances from other lines. JÖL will also experience seasonal availability of some options.

  • BALSAM + CEDAR – Autumn/Winter only – traditional Balsam Fir and a mix of 2 types of Cedar Wood oils. Based upon FRONTIERSMAN
  • BAMBOO FOREST – much like our other items that use this scent, but a little more sweetness
  • BLACK CHERRY PIPE TOBACCO – Autumn/Winter only – very sweet cherry notes on top of earthy-leafy scent of aged tobacco leaf. Based upon HOWARD’S PIPE
  • CEDAR LEATHER – deep cologne like fragrance of tanned leather, warm cedar wood and notes of spice. Based upon OXFORD
  • CITRUS GREEN TEA – Spring/Summer only – Lightly sweet grassy notes with orange, lime, lemon and a touch of basil and mint.
  • GINGER SAFFRON – a tiny bit floral, a little sweet and spicy too.
  • OAK MOSS + AMBER – warm, earthy, touches of musk
  • RED SANGRIA – Spring/Summer only – fruity notes on top of red wine.
  • TONKA + OUD – sweet dark cherry-fig scent of tonka beans blended with the smokiness of oud wood
  • WHISKEY TANGO… – notes of caramel and brown sugar, touches of “sour mash” bourbon and a little sandalwood and oak. Based upon LEXINGTON

With Candles being new to our offerings, we are still learning what translates well as a fragrance to smell throughout your home. As we grow this brand, we hope to introduce companion items for home use and some scents may migrate into other products, like our Solid Colognes we will be bringing back this year.

Select items may have a specific scent profile used to mask the natural scent of the ingredients. In those situations, the ingredient scent oils are listed within the item’s ingredients listing.

Unscented and Natural Scents

These mean the exact same thing to us. Any item we offer that uses either of these descriptors is 100% FREE of any fragrance oils and carry only the natural scents of all ingredients. In certain items where we use essential oils for any of their known properties for skin and hair, the essential oils will naturally add a fragrance which would not be masked by any other scent option. Many of the ingredients we use have their own natural fragrances that some may find less appealing that a “fragrance” option, but are not generally off-putting and will dissipate once applied. This does not mean they are “scented” but are indeed NATURAL and UNSCENTED.


Scents are a highly subjective personal preference item. Knowing the limitations that being an online retailer presents in demonstrating fragrances, we try our best to give a strong idea of what you may expect when purchasing any of our fragrance options. Yet, no matter what great detail we may go into to “paint a scent profile” you may find it is not accurate enough or you may have a unique interpretation. Also, we are unable to detail the exact ingredients that go into each fragrance due to protect intellectual property. Where possible, we list the essential oils we use but in other options we are relying upon scent formulas we acquire that we may also blend with other scents and essential oils to meet our goal in a desired fragrance profile. These 3rd party scents are tested to be less likely to be harmful and are used by personal care and cosmetic makers large and small around the world.

If you are prone to have allergic reactions, we ask that you pay close attention to what details we offer in regards to the fragrance. If you do purchase an item, please perform a small patch test first. If you discover you have a strong reaction to the product, we will issue you an account credit for the purchase price of the item.

If you discover that the scent is very off-putting and offensive, we will also provide a courtesy account credit for the purchase price of the item. This is a ONE TIME option per scent/product. We can consult with you more directly about finding the right scent formulation that would suit your tastes best and may offer to send you a replacement in lieu of the account credit. We do not offer any guarantee that you will love any specific scent as that would be unrealistic and virtually impossible. Even our most popular and well loved scents can be very unpleasant to some individuals; this is only logical and is why we provide so many options to begin with. Where others may not even give you an option in fragrance, we usually have at least 2 or 3 presented.