Where To Buy

7/12/2021: A major impact to our business related to COVID-19 is the limitation of in-person shopping. Not only did this affect us directly, but our reselling partners as well. Being that our partners were not considered essential, their businesses were closed for most of the last year. We are not currently servicing our Resellers until we receive word they are ready to place new orders, as we have limited inventory, also related to the pandemic. In coming weeks we will be in a position where we can reach out to our partners to renew our relationship and begin restocking their shelves if they wish.

Preferred Partner Retailers

These shops proudly feature our products and work with us to ensure easy availability of items they stock.

Father & Son Barber Shop: 5806 N Broadway, Chicago, Illinois 773-784-6845 Father & Son

Slade’s Barber Shop: 3314 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657  773-880-9858 Slade’s


We are open to offering our brands at more places. Being “new” and “small” makes it hard to be seen as an option by many small shops and boutiques. If there is a specialty store, salon, or barber shop that you think would benefit from offering any of our items; please tell them about us. If we hear from them, we will be sure to thank you with a special gift from us.