Reseller Partnerships

Due to COVID-19 we were forced to suspend our reseller programs. With many businesses operating with very slim, if any, margins and strict limitations of being open and operating hours we felt it was best to hold back on any attempts to add wholesale customers at this time.

Future Plans

We are looking into creating a new means to create and fulfill wholesale customers. Our mission is to create a portal where an approved reseller can easily order to receive their quoted prices and buy the items they wish to have on their shelves. This will allow us to offer a quick turnaround on orders and permit a low or no minimum order quantity. Such a portal can also be expanded to permit custom ordering by the reseller for certain items they do not offer within their store.

What we look for in a Reseller Partner.

Small localized businesses that wish to build relationships with other small localized businesses for mutual growth. Those small businesses that know what it is like to build a brand from the ground up and fully understand all the unique aspects related. Although we wish to focus on our immediate area for this, we are open to nationwide distribution for many of our products. At this time. we are not in a position to offer our products internationally.

A huge plus for us is that our partners are engaging, fun and energetic; liking things to be simple and approachable – like us. Any of our products can be offered in any type of retail model. Whether you are a barber, spa or salon; gift shop; novelty shop; apparel or even a general store concept, we can help bolster your connection with your customers and your community.

What we offer to our resellers

  • Solid reliable margins, minimum selling price requirement to ensure these margins.
  • No/Low minimums so you don’t have to lock up your buying power in slower moving inventory.
  • Best By dates on our products, to ensure your customers get fresh product!
  • Samples, testers and employee discounts on everything in our store.
  • Teach-outs and training about our products and our mission.
  • Inventory management support, smart buying tools, to help save you money and reduce loss.
  • Your business will be promoted within our Social Media and listed on our website.
  • Very local businesses will get Free Delivery for any orders.
  • Short turn-around time from Purchase to Fulfillment. Smallest orders will be 48 hours!
  • Defective product credits (for items that expired prematurely).

Based upon sales volume, we can offer special pricing with higher bulk orders, and maker supported advertising discounts. Our view is, if you sell more of our products and wish to advertise us; we will help make it happen. There are more things we can do for an even higher volume reseller:

  • In-your-store pick-up of online orders. This can earn you account credits for future orders.
  • Trunk Shows, In Store Appearances and Educational event opportunities.
  • Free Shipping on larger orders
  • Net30 Billing
  • Multi-Location Shipping

There is a lot more we can do!

Not a reseller, but wish to present or offer products like our to your customers and clients? We can do custom orders of many of our products in assorted packaging to suit your needs. This is great for B&Bs, restaurants, office gifts,

Private Label opportunities: Have a small business where you wish to expand your brand through specialized products for your customers? We can work with your to develop those products then create packaging and labeling to capture your brand at its best. Any Private Label arrangement is confidential, it will be our little secret. Products will say. “Made for…” or “Sold by…” – just like you see with other retailers. All the fine details of what products, ingredients, options, packaging and more will be developed together to reach your desired goal. If there is something we make already that suits your purpose, we can make it just for you!