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Where To Buy

Do you own a specialty retail business, barber shop or spa; and would like to offer unique premium, yet affordable, personal care products to your current customers?

J&L Pogonotrophics LLC offers opportunities to re-sell our products within your established Brick & Mortar business. We have maintained successful partnerships with local Chicago barber shops and specialty retailers so far and we would love to partner with more small businesses that embrace our aesthetic, quality and culture. We prefer small specialty boutiques, gift shops, spas and barber shops over large retailers. We strongly feel that partnering with other small businesses is a way to mutually encourage growth.

What we offer you:

  • Premium quality beard, bath & body products at more attractive price points than our peers
  • Solid margins across all Items/SKUs
  • Fun, unique and creative products that are not “just like everybody else”.
  • Inventory is produced to order, to ensure a fresher product with longer shelf life.
  • Brand exclusivity – if you purchase and merchandise 90% of our available retail ready products you will be granted exclusivity to our products for a determined geographical radius around your store. Email for details.
  • Low order minimums after initial order. We support quick replenishment of your biggest sellers to keep you in stock.
  • Merchandising and visual presentation support from experienced professional retail merchandising specialist. Along with customized POP materials if desired.
  • Big discounts on demonstration products for your teams, FREE testers on many items. limits apply
  • Inventory management support.
  • No down payment for small orders. Low down payments for large orders.
  • Friendly folks who are available to help teach and coach about our products, philosophies and values to help bring awareness to our brands and products. All of which well help transfer excitement about our little brands and our ways of going against the status quo in price versus quality perceptions.

We are that little well kept secret brand with a very devoted following. Because we do not care to do a lot of big marketing, it is a challenge to gain exposure by a larger audience. This is part of our means to help keep our prices lower than our peers; the other being not inflating our prices to imply higher quality. Our products and our company have top reviews everywhere you look. Our customers love what we do! With a good selection of our most popular and most universal items, we are certain that you will gain new customers and excite your existing clientele. We have found that our products are attractive to those who appreciate natural “clean” bath & body products; making them more affordable makes them even more attractive. And you will not sacrifice quality!

There is not a lot of flash and hype in our aesthetic, as we wish to elevate the concept of basic personal care products without forcing a lifestyle. This creates a broader appeal that crosses many demographics in age, race, gender and income levels. When we say our products are good for EVERY BODY, we mean exactly that. Our customers remind us of this often.

For details and questions, please email us: We will reply with our full product list of available products, policies and terms. When you are ready, we can then set an appointment to meet and discuss your ideas on how to bring us to your customers.