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Something very retro that is coming back, for all the right reasons. Solid Cologne allows you to subtly wear a fragrance that is beneficial for your skin. It travels well, carrying it in a pocket or backpack. The fragrances are lighter and wear better over time.

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A new scent to J&L Pogonotrophics, borrowed from J&L Apothecary. Cedar Leather is a blend of natural and essential oils that brings to mind a masculine parlor, library or den. That manly sanctuary of leather wrapped chairs and fine woodwork. Though named for leather and a wood, it’s aroma is not like either specifically. It is purely just masculine. For this we thought of libraries and castles and decided to name it for Oxford University.

More skin friendly than alcohol based fragrances. Applied to the same locations, the cologne will last longer. As it reacts to your body heat and melds with your own body chemistry the fragrances will evolve as you wear it.

Our base is a mix of nurturing oils like Jojoba, and purified beeswax, fragrance comes from essential and natural fragrance oils. It softens immediately to your touch, apply a small dab on your neck behind your ears, below your neck or anywhere you would normally wear cologne.

7.5g (.25oz) in slide top tin

Contains: Hempseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Purified Beeswax, Natural Fragrance Oils


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