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Help us help the at-risk, homeless and under-housed people of Chicago keep clean and improve self esteem. Your purchase of this item goes to help us provide a bottle of “It’s A Wash” to those in need.

We use the word CARE a lot here at J&L. Personal Care, Beard Care, etc. There is also another kind of care that means a lot to us, and that is care for our fellow person. An important way to care for them is through self-care.

J&L Pogonotrophics is partnering with Chicago charitable organizations that are working hard to provide varying levels of assistance to at-risk, homeless or under-housed people. And to do so in a means that instills confidence and self worth in the individual. While these organizations provide so much in the way of food, clothing, medical attention, counseling and a multitude of other resources; they also provide aid in helping them maintain their personal grooming. Our part is to provide a small portable body & hair wash that they can carry in a pocket or toss in a bag and have with them when they access facilities for showering or bathing.


It’s A Wash” is a 2oz bottle of a simple unscented/fragrance free organic hair & body wash. It lathers well and rinses quickly (a factor when you may have limited shower time). Your purchase of this item means we are able to provide even more than we are currently planning. We are in the process of working with a partner to launch a charitable organization to ensure all funds are adequately put to work to keep this item produced and distributed to those in need. This item is not taxed as it is a charitable donation to Broadway Youth Center

OUR SELECTED ORGANIZATION who will benefit from this product:


As this program grows we will be able to increase the number of service providing organizations.


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