Clay Mask System Combo

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Create your own perfect Clay Mask bundle. Select a Clay Powder Mix base and an Aromatherapy Oil. Then choose any of our optional “Add-Ins” to complete your customized natural clay mask. SAVE 10% off our regular prices with this bundle.

Mix as little or as much as you need, whenever you wish to have a fresh-made custom clay mask just the way you like.

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  • Clay Mask Powder Mixes

  • Aromatherapy Add-Ins for Clay Mask Creator System - 15ml

  • Argan + Jojoba Oil for Clay Mask Creator System

  • Glycerin & Aloe Mask Additive

  • Activated Charcoal Clay Mask Additive

  • Seaweed Powder Clay Mask Additive

  • Oatmeal Powder Clay Mask Additive


Assemble components of our clay mask system and save a little money

Pick your Clay Powder mix, add any of the Add-In options provided and then you can select a FREE Aromatherapy item. Now you have the basics for creating the perfect clay mask for you. You save over purchasing all these items separately.

What makes our Clay Mask System better, is that you get to mix the exact mask you need when you need it. You are not locked into a single formula that may not be ideal when your skin changes. You may not always wish to do your entire face, and merely focus on where you wish. With our Clay Mask System you can mix a little, or a lot. You can get your friends together, letting each of you craft the perfect clay mask.

You are also not limited to what we offer. Pulling items from your pantry or refrigerator can inspire endless possibilities to achieve your perfect complexion. Try items like organic cider vinegar, honey, yogurt, avocado, lemon juice, cucumber and even distilled water.

You will receive our standard FULL SIZE versions of each item.

We recommend starting with equal parts of clay powder and add-ins/liquids – using roughly 2 level tablespoons each. Add more clay for a thicker mask, less for a thinner mask. This method should get you up to 8 clay masks per jar of clay.

Other uses of a clay mask: Mix up a tiny amount to rub onto bug bites and bee stings to help remove their venom or toxins. Use to soothe minor burns or inflammations. Do not apply open skin, avoid contact with eyes.

Each component has it’s own Ingredients. Each of our Clay Mixes contains the clays listed in equal parts with 1% Aloe Vera gel added. Our listed Add-Ins are exactly what they say they are, with no fillers or other ingredients.

Aromatherapy Oils are a .4% blend with Almond Oil, making it perfectly skin safe when blended with a Clay Mask recipe.


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Additional information

Clay Mask Powder Mixes

Powder Mix

Bentonite + Matcha, Rose Kaolin + Bentonite, Moroccan + Bentonite, French Green + Rhassoul

Aromatherapy Add-Ins for Clay Mask Creator System - 15ml

Weight1.75 oz

Blood Orange, Cedar, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree

Argan + Jojoba Oil for Clay Mask Creator System

Weight4.15 oz

Glycerin & Aloe Mask Additive

Weight3 oz

Activated Charcoal Clay Mask Additive

Weight1.5 oz

Seaweed Powder Clay Mask Additive

Weight2 oz

Oatmeal Powder Clay Mask Additive

Weight2 oz