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QUENCH Shampoo Bar
FIXER Shampoo Bar
BALANCE Shampoo Bar
FLASH Shampoo Bar
AMP Shampoo Bar
SHOCK Shampoo Bar

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Pick any combination of 3 of our Bar Shampoos for one low price.

QUENCH for moisture
FIXER for scalp care
BALANCE for oily hair
FLASH for shine

Bar Shampoo offers a more environmentally friendly way to clean and nourish your hair without giving up on quality. They can last longer than 2 bottles  (7.5 oz) of liquid shampoo. Easy to use by either rubbing the bar in your hands to create the lather or rub the bar directly onto your hair. And, as an added benefit they travel well in carry on baggage.

We use no sulfates or parabens in our soaps, nor do we do any animal testing. We do use the purest of ingredients, and many are organic. All bar soaps are built upon a Hemp Seed oil soap which is proven to be amazing for hair. Each formulation then receives added natural and essential oils specifically blended for each targeted purpose.

see each bar’s page for ingredients and product specifics


Simply create lather in your hands and apply to hair, alternatively you may also stroke the bar over your hair. Continue to lather into hair thoroughly. Not a lot is needed as this is essentially a “concentrated” shampoo.

Note: Lather may be more dense than liquid shampoo but cleans and rinses just as effectively. High mineral content in water can increase this trait. A higher water to soap ratio lessens this trait.

See each Bar Shampoo listing for product details. All are made using a Hemp Seed Oil glycerin soap base with added natural and organic ingredients to achieve the intended goal of each bar.

QUENCH for moisture
FIXER for scalp care
BALANCE for oily hair
FLASH for shine


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