2018 Holiday Scent




We are making a very limited run of many of our most popular products in our “Holiday” scent. This marks the return of our very popular 2016 Holiday scent. There is only one way to describe this scent, it smells like Christmas. A rich mixture of sweet, spice and fruit that pulls together everything people love about the fragrances that abound during the Holiday Season.

Because of it’s familiar aroma that can bring to surface cherished memories of holidays past is why we brought it back after an absence from our 2017 offerings. This year, we will bring it to more products across both of our brands.

You will be able to choose from any of our Beard Oil formulas, Original Beard Butter, Shower Wash and a Bar Soap. Quantities will be very limited and will be gone when gone. All products are grouped here under one entry so you can easily find every item available in this traditional fragrance.

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QUOTIDIAN Beard Oil, OIL FIVE Beard Oil, BULWARK Beard Oil, Original Beard Butter, Shower Wash, Soap Bar


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