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Membership Details

Effective APRIL 18, 2022: New Pro (paid) memberships will not be accepted. Current memberships will not be able to renew when their current term expires. Primary reason is related to the increase in shipping rates has made the Free Shipping benefit has too expensive to maintain at current membership rates. We feel it is best to end the program over increasing the price. The Starter (free) membership plan will continue as it is. Once all currently active memberships expire, we will update the information here to remove any reference to the Pro option to avoid confusion.

This is an outline of all the policies and benefits of Primp+Jol Club Memberships.

Primp+Jol Club Membership Defined

Primp+Jol Club contains two tiers of membership. One is paid and one is free. Paid memberships are of two types: Annual Full and Quarterly Full. Annual memberships are paid in full for one year (12 months) at the time of purchase and will expire on the anniversary date. They will NOT auto renew; renewal requires to actively purchase a new membership at the end of a previous membership (this is to ensure you wish to continue in case you find it no longer beneficial). Quarterly memberships are paid through a 90 day subscription period that auto renews every 90 days from the date of purchase.

It is now easier to join the Starter level of PRIMP+JÖL CLUB. Every shopper that creates a User Account will automatically obtain access to the “STARTER” plan. At any time, a customer can upgrade to the full “PRO” level through purchase. Active memberships must maintain a User Account. This account is how you will access and exercise your benefits as well as monitor all other account activity, including stored payment options and shipping addresses. Note: if you log into your account AFTER you started building your Cart, you must refresh the cart page to apply membership benefits before you checkout.

We ask that all P+J Club Members receive our newsletter as that is the quickest means we have of broadcasting, in detail, all news and events related to J&L. When there are promotions that affect the ability to exercise Member benefits it will be clearly called out in such communications as our newsletter.

Your membership becomes active upon purchase or creation of a user account for P+J Club Starter. If you add other items to your cart during the same transaction as your membership, those items will receive any membership related discounts. Removal of the Membership from your cart before purchase will automatically remove applied benefits. Once your membership is purchased, you will only need to log into your Account to receive all benefits during ordering.

Exercising Member Benefits is easy – all you need to do is be logged into your account. You will always see the Member Price as you shop.

Comparison of Membership Benefits:

Primp+Jol Pro AnnualPrimp+Jol Pro Quarterly Primp+Jol Starter
$21.99 for 1 year. Not accepting new members, plan has been discontinued
$5.69 for 90 days. Not accepting new members, plan has been discontinued.FREE
No renewal required.
10-15% OFF Items we make*
5% OFF most accessory items
10-15% OFF Items we make*
5% OFF most accessory items
5% OFF Items we make*
2.5% OFF most accessory items
Member Exclusive Items & BundlesMember Exclusive Items & BundlesMember Exclusive Items & Bundles
Gift with each order shippedGift with each order shippedNo Free Gifts are included with this level
* Member Discount may be temporarily lower for deep discount sale items while item is actively on sale. Members will still save more over sale prices. Primp+Jol Club Full Members all receive the same benefits regardless of payment option, Basic Members receive a lower discount and will not include Free Shipping. Membership Exclusive Items are priced are already discounted.

This table shows all the core benefits for Primp+Jol Club. These benefits are current as of 10/20/2022.

“Items we make” is defined as any product that carries our J&L branding that is 100% made by us. Accessory items are those items we do not make that may carry our logo and are designed to compliment products we do make. Select items that we do not make will not qualify for a discount as they are sold near cost with limited space to provide a discount. For example, the refillable bottles and caps we offer will not be discounted.

We reserve the right to alter benefits in a manner that does not affect the value of a paid membership. Market trends beyond our control may force us to change the level of discount offered or the availability of free shipping. Full Members will receive notice no less than sixty days before change takes affect to any FREE options. The Free Basic membership holds no guarantee to its benefits and they can change at any time.

Membership Rules and Limitations:

We want Primp+Jol Membership to be a rewarding and positive experience as well as great value to our customers. To ensure such, we must set some rules. These rules help ensure everyone has a positive experience and allows us to offer the included benefits.

  • Once any membership benefit is exercised the membership cannot be refunded. Note, items ordered at the same time as your membership fee will receive membership benefits within the transaction (as long as it remains in your cart, you will see the benefits applied).
  • Only one membership plan is permitted per customer, membership benefits cannot be combined or stacked. If a customer was able to create more than one Membership, the best Membership Plan available to them will be applied to their orders. Orders already paid and processed will be fully refunded to cancel any double benefit.
  • Membership is limited to the purchaser [Member] and they are responsible for all activity within the Membership; and are the sole authorized user.
  • Members are not to share their Account password or other security details with anyone and are responsible to ensure their account is secure and not available to unauthorized users.
  • Orders must originate from the actual member, and must do so through their account. Discounts cannot be applied to orders placed without an Account login after they are processed. If you forget to log in, we cannot retroactively apply the discount.
  • Members may place orders for products to be used within their household and for use by members of that household.
  • Sensible gift orders are welcomed, but it is not to be abused. Please limit the number of alternate Shipping Address on orders to 6 per year with an exception for November 15th to December 25th each year.
  • Extremely active purchasing, constant very large value orders and purchase of large quantities that goes beyond what is reasonable for a household to use in a timely manner will be considered abuse of your membership and can warrant cancellation of your membership.
  • Member’s payment and billing address must match for every order placed.
  • Although discounts may apply to select sale items, clearance items are not be eligible for additional discounts.
  • Where possible, we wish to ensure that the price you pay as a Member is better than the price a non-member pays. At times this may not be possible. Such occurrences should be very rare and limited to specific situations and special limited time discounts.
  • Coupons will specified to the customer group they are designed for: Member/User or Guest. Guests are those who do not wish to create a user account and have not shopped with us before using the same email address. Members and Users are those with an active account, Users are not enrolled in any membership plan.
  • “Double Dipping” or “Stacking” of discounts are not permitted unless explicitly permitted through the terms of the offers. Most coupons we create are limited and capable of being applied with another active coupon in use.
  • As a right, we may cancel any order placed that causes us financial stress that stems from stacking discounts or abuse. As a Member, you should wish for us to remain successful and not attempt to find a way to use exploits that would create a loss for us. Use of exploits will cause your Membership to be cancelled.
  • There is no guarantee to what the Gift item will be and that you will be happy with the selection. Free Samples are intended to introduce other products we make and sell. Please pass it on to someone else if it is not of interest to you.

Primp+Jol Club is our way to provide perks to our most loyal customers without using a point system or creating extra work for any of us, especially you. Secondary, it was a way to save on shipping fees and remove the cost of shipping in being a determining factor of ordering the products you need when you need them. The costs of a Full Membership is easily recouped through 3 to 4 orders within a year. Shipping fees alone would be as high as $30 with 4 orders in a year.

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