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We are primarily a web/Internet based business. Using the means of current technologies to manage all aspects of business as well as keep in touch with the public and our customers. Because of our very small business size, we are unable to answer phone calls or immediately respond to emails. This is because we are likely in a position where our hands are occupied with making more products or engaged in other operational activities.

Messaging us directly through Facebook is the fastest and easiest way to reach us concerning order issues or product inquiry for our customers. This way we can respond more quickly without taking us away from any production we may be doing. We can also respond easily from wherever we may be if we are not in our office. If you prefer to speak to us by phone, please message us and we can schedule a time that works for us both. Business to Business contact is only accepted via email.


Customer / End User – Order related inquiries only! For order related questions, please include order/invoice @
Wholesale inquiries: you buy from us to resell. B2B only please.sales @
Existing Raw Goods, Packaging & Material Suppliers (those who we are already doing business with)purchasing @
Service Providers – B2B Services
Unknown Suppliers. Social Media Pros/Influencers are not accepted.
See our policy below first, then complete this application:
Due to increased security concerns related to phishing scams, we have removed links for contact emails. For B2B contacts: Any email must be sent from a legitimate email account that shares the domain name of the business you represent. GMail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL and other free personal email domains are blocked for all non customer facing accounts to prevent malicious content.


To Vendor and Potential Service Provider Offers:

Note: We view any service provider as a Contracted Service Provider – a person or entity that is to be compensated to perform a specific duty or task with clearly defined responsibilities and a means to be held accountable for not meeting expectations. Terms such as “partner” are not in line with our values or business model. Any Terms of Service must offer us protections against misconduct, misrepresentation, and inefficient actions. We will expect you to live up to your hype!

As a strict policy, we will not consider offers for any administrative or operational activities from outside (3rd Party) providers unless there is an absolute need for such a service. Any offers for App Design, Web Design, Graphic Design, SEO, Social Media Influencer, Marketing, Consulting, Customer Service/Contact Management, HR Services, Order Fulfillment/Shipping Services, Warehousing Services or anything related to or inclusive of any of these activities are not likely to be accepted. All such functions of our business are 100% handled in house as a means of being an efficient enterprise, as well as to control unreasonable expenses created by such services. Any supplier or service provider is fully vetted before we initiate communication and must meet our very high expectations in regards to diversity and being a good citizen in their community. Also of note, we view any service provider as contracted to us for paid work to be performed for our benefit; not a partnership. This ensures our values are respected and our business is not compromised.

Any supplies/raw goods provider must provide easily read price sheets or access to published (publicly available) pricing information. We prefer purchasing from those that have a dependable unilateral pricing structure over negotiated or tiered pricing. Due to strict terms related to SBA financial aid as part of COVID disaster relief, we cannot purchase from non US owned businesses. Failure to adhere to these limitations will lead to your account and domain being blocked. The spread of malicious content is often spread through unsolicited emails, usually sent from hacked accounts, has become very problematic. We must strictly follow these measures to keep our internal systems, personal data and any potential customer data secure.

Business Office:

J&L Pogonotrophics LLC
7027 N Paulina St
Chicago, IL 60626

Business Office Hours:

Monday 9:00am to 2:00pm
Tuesday through Thursday 10:00am to 4:00pm
Friday 10:00am to 3:00pm

Offices are generally closed all weekends and holidays. We may be unable to immediately reply to contacts during production periods.