Into the Scent Matrix

We honestly love producing so many varying scents. From traditional basics like Lavender and Citrus; to our very one-of-a-kind creations like Jakarta, Oceania and the new Shanghai we try to give a broad array of fragrances. Our hopes are that you will find at least one you love and others you like. It actually has been hard for our customers to decide which scent they like most.

Outside of our Beard Care lines we have not done the best job at sharing the scents across many of our products. People want to coordinate their fragrances and we have not been so good at meeting that expectation.

As we transition through some older options in scent and products, we are going to establish our most popular fragrances that will adapt well to other products and bring them to more of our most popular items. So far we have identified 9 scents that will be available in either Beard Care or Body Mist; Shower Wash; Bar Soap; and solid colognes.

Our all new bar soaps are expected to launch in a few weeks and we will highlight the coordinating products shortly after.

We will also bring back our popular holiday scents. We skipped it this last holiday season and disappointed many fans. This year we will have the Beard Oil scent and the Body Mist scent with coordinating Shower Wash and Bar Soap. We will also build these into our gift sets as well!

Keep a watch for when we announce our new bar soaps to see what we are talking about!