What is Expanded Assortment?

For us, it is a means to offer more without having to maintain an inventory of made goods to satisfy potential sales. It is a way to give you more options with a touch of “Made for You” built in.

Over the years we have made limited run Special Edition fragrances that were well liked. We also produced some great scents that were really liked by some, but not well enough to keep making it to have on hand for sales.

With changes to how we produce our Beard Oils, we can now support a custom scenting option that would ensure you still get a quality product in a timely manner and permits us to offer these rare scents to expand our assortment of products available. There will be a small price increase for these offerings as it does add a step to our making and order fulfillment processes, and some of these scents do use pricier essential oils as well. The price will be $16.00 per 30 ml bottle, $1.00 more than the rest and still less expensive that most higher quality Beard Oils out there.

In coming weeks we will be adding up to 8 new scent options and reclassifying 4 current scents to be part of this customization feature. These will look just like the rest, but you will know it was scented just for you!

It is part of our way of offering you more for less than other premium beard care makers out. Helping you find that perfect way to express yourself. It is why we say “Be You: Be Epic!”

Why we use plastic packaging

We wish to do our best to ensure we are respecting our environment as we produce and sell our natural hair and skin products. Using plastic containers for our products may not be the best way to communicate this.

Launching our Beard Oil it was important for us to use glass containers. Not only for the environment, but for the quality of the product. Oils can degrade plastic over time, causing a minor level of contamination. Knowing that these products will most likely be kept away from the shower, if stored in a bathroom, we were comfortable feeling that there would be low risk of broken glass cutting you if the bottle were to be dropped.

For other items we felt it was not wise to use glass. With many of these items being larger capacity, it meant they were at greater risk for breakage and much heavier to transport. Without the need to protect the contents as well as we needed to for our Beard Oils, it was reasonable to use plastic for these other items.

We use PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastics for our jars and bottles which are the most easily and commonly recycled plastics. They are light weight, durable and shatter proof. They are a necessary evil in our industry. As much as we would love an affordable option that is either made of post-consumer goods or of natural materials that are rapidly biodegradable, such does not exist.

It is important for us to promote recycling of these containers as much as we can. As we update our labeling we are placing a reminder to you to support recycling efforts. We do not wish for these to directly end up in a landfill. To save on waste and the use of plastic was the impetus behind our new shampoo bars as well as the expanding line of bar soaps.

Do be assured we did not make these decisions lightly. As much as we wish to protect our environment. we feel this was the right decisions for today.

Hemp Oil for Skin & Hair

With our new Shampoo Bars we are bringing more hemp seed oil products to our offerings. Hemp is an amazing product that you may have already learned something about, so we will skim over some of the plant’s history.

Hemp seed oil does not contain THC of any quantity to matter. Although the plant is related to Marijuana, it is has not been cultivated for any other purpose than it’s plant fibers and now the oil the seed can produce.

That oil, like many plant based oils, has amazing properties for skin and hair. Some oils are better than others depending upon the ratio of fatty acid types. Hemp seeds have about a 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, which is considered in the optimal range for skin and hair.

Studies have shown that using hemp seed oil on people with eczema may improve blood levels of essential fatty acids. It may also relieve dry skin, improve itchiness and reduce the need for skin medication. These points have not been researched by the FDA.

We first introduced Hemp Seed Oil in a Beard Oil formula for those with nut allergies. We later added it to a hair conditioner to boost it’s intensity as a conditioner. We have since discontinued the Beard Oil formula due to lack of interest, but we have looked for new ways to introduce the oil in other products. When seeking out a formula for our Shampoo Bars we felt Hemp Seed Oil soap was the ideal universal soap base. It presents a solid platform that we can easily adjust to craft specialized variations for specific hair needs.

Our Shampoo Bars are launching this month after we debut them at our next Pop-Up. We are extremely excited about what these products are going to offer!

What’s happening in August

July was a very busy month around here. We began work on our Subscription service as well as completed development of our new Shampoo Bars which are coming very soon to our store. There has been a lot of work planning and pulling together details for Primp & Jol and we hope to have exciting news to share on that in a week or so. Our long term pop-up for testing will be able to launch once we get all the paperwork together and get our business license approved. To prepare for that, we have been bulking up on supplies and making as much product as we can.

This July was also our busiest July ever for online sales. We like to think it is because of our improved website combined with increases exposure. Our “new customer” percentage grew as well!

Work is also beginning on securing our intellectual property. We plan to contact any maker that has been making or selling a product that they call “beard butter”. We may not be able to claim the formula, but we can certainly make the claim to the name. It is a tough stance that we have to take but it is necessary to ensure a fair marketplace. Our hopes our that we can come to an agreement with these makers to allow them to use the name as long as we are compensated for the use. I am sure anyone out there that created something unique and different would feel the same way we do here at J&L.

Our next Pop-Up at a festival is coming August 11 – 12 at Retro on Roscoe. We had a good time last year and felt we would give it a go again. Classic cars, classic music and lots of good food – plus us!

Keep your eye on our Facebook or the online store for when the Shampoo Bars become available. We will post a story soon as well so you can learn all the details about what you would want a bar shampoo.

Thank you,

Subscriptions Now Available

It has been the biggest request of customers since we launched our first web store and it is finally available. Here are some details about our subscriptions that will serve as a FAQ on the subject as we go forward.

What is a “subscription”?

It is a means to receive your most used items; replenished in timely intervals based upon your selection at the time of purchase. For example, get a new bottle of your favorite beard oil formula and scent every other month without having to remember to place a new order. We will also introduce a “membership” plan that will consist of assorted items we curated to introduce new items to you as a means to test before you buy. These gift items will often be a smaller version of our regular items. We hope to have this ready Fall 2018.

When can I start my subscription?

Today. All Beard Oil formulas, Original Beard Butter and Shower Wash are currently available. Other items will be added over time, like Shampoo Bars and Bar Soaps. Check our Subscriptions Category regularly to see what has been added.

What other products will be included?

Other than what we have listed above, we hope to include all routinely consumed products that are most often reordered to ship in a cycle that suits your needs. Your feedback will let us know what more to offer.

How will I be billed?

The payment method you used at time of purchase will be billed each time we ship your order, based upon the cycle you selected. All orders will ship within a 5 day window on the day of the month you created your subscription. Holidays and weekends will affect the date. If you wish to change your payment method, you can do so before the item goes into order status for your next shipment. Currently, we do not allow subscriptions to be purchased via PayPal due to their restrictions and unreliable processing.

How & when will I receive my subscription orders?

At every interval that we are to ship you a new item you will receive notice that an order is automatically generated. This is also the same time your payment method will be applied. We will ship your order via US Mail within 5 days of the renewal day of each month that you are due to receive your order and once payment is authorized. We will ship your first item within 3 days of receiving your order. Your next item will then be shipped in the next scheduled month according to your cycle. We may combine your subscription orders at our discretion if you have more than one subscription processing near the same date.

Can I change the item once I have started my subscription?

Partially. You cannot change the formula/core product but you are able to change the scent option within that formula. This is managed through your Account Page. You will not be charged any fee to make this change. If there is a price variation you will see an adjustment to your next order/billing date.

Why do you charge a processing fee for subscriptions?

Credit Card processing requires a charge to “activate” the subscription at the time of creation or it will not support an automatic billing cycle for you. The modest charge is applied to cover the set-up of your subscription and satisfy the demands of the banking industry. Do note, that some of our subscriptions are priced below our regular price without the shipping portion added. We want this to be a value service for a loyal customer!

Can I purchase a subscription as a gift to be sent to someone else?

Definitely! All you need to do is complete the Shipping Address for the person you wish to receive the item. The easiest way is when placing your order ensure the gifted item is the only item in your shopping cart, otherwise all items will be shipped to that address. If you wish to complete 1 order to ship to more than 1 address, please email us at support@pogonotrophics.com with details of what your needs are and we can reply or call with instructions on how to complete your order. Sorry, at this time we do not offer gift wrapping or gift notes for orders – hopefully we will before long.

Will the price change on my item during the subscription period?

The price you agreed to at the time of entering into the subscription is the price you will pay for the duration of your subscription until renewal. The first interval after renewal will be at the new price for that item subscription. All subscriptions are capped at a 12 month/ 1 year term length and will require you to renew to continue.

What if my product becomes discontinued or is no longer available?

Although we will do our best to ensure the product your ordered for the duration of the subscription is active and in-stock, there are situations that may force us to delete an item. If for whatever reason we no longer produce your subscription item we will notify you of the issue and what your options may be. If it is scent option related, you can simply change your preferred scent. If the core product or formula is not available you may be provided with suggestions for another formula or the option to cancel your subscription. We will work with you to change your subscription and avoid that $1.00 set-up fee.

Can I apply a discount or a coupon to my subscription?

No. Subscriptions already have a discount built into their pricing between the product and the shipping fee. Subscription items will be excluded from coupon codes we issue and are already exempt from Free Shipping calculations. We wish for this program to be attractive and be of value for those items you regularly use versus buying them through normal means.

Ultimately our mission is to provide a service that is of value to you. Our aim is to make it easier for you to ensure you have your favorite items at hand when you need them without having to remember to place an order. With our memberships, it is a means to try out other products without commitment to full size items to see for yourself if it is a product you would enjoy. Please comment with your additional questions so we can keep this all together for everyone. We may update these details as we go.

Thank you,

Glycerin should never be in your beard oil!

When looking into recipes and ingredients of beard oil, from DIYers to major brands you will quite often find glycerin listed as an ingredient.

Often used in numerous skin and hair care products for its hydrating properties. Glycerin attracts moisture, that is the job it performs. It also helps move that moisture from one place to another. In lotions, soaps and conditioners it will carry the moisture of the product and transfer it to your skin or hair. With hair conditioners it is rinsed out after application limiting the ability to pull moisture from your hair. With a beard oil being designed to work as a leave in conditioner, if it were to contain glycerin it will begin to drain your beard of the moisture it needs. This can lead to dry, brittle hair. Some consumers will assume they need to use more of their beard oil which will only make it worse.

I have encountered many gentlemen that have used certain major brands that are known for using glycerin in their beard oil. These gents clearly stated that beard oil does not work because of their experience using such low quality oils. It also taints their opinion of all beard oils as they are unaware that better oils exist that do not use glycerin. Often it is too late, and the damage is done to their beard as well as to beard oil being considered a beneficial product for their beard hair.

Whether these other brands use it because they feel it is a benefit or they consider it an inexpensive filler ingredient doesn’t matter. It shows they lack knowledge of hair care science and have not done their research.

We here at J&L Pogonotrophics have never used glycerin in any of our beard oil formulas. We rely strictly upon the awesome powers of pure natural oils that work well to condition your beard. We formulate specialized formulas to help you get the right level of conditioning for your beard. We also offer our beard oils at a price lower than these so called “premium” beard oils. You have to ask yourself what makes a beard oil premium…

Please, share with us your experiences

New Products in the Works: Shampoo Bars, Natural Deodorant

We have been toying with the idea of making a couple items for quite a long time and until recently felt it was beyond what people are interested in at the time. Recently personal care trends have caught up with our ideas and we will explore bringing these products to market. The products are Shampoo Bars and Solid Deodorants. We have had an increase of interest expressed around these products which is leading to us add them to our assortment.

Shampoo was strictly made in a bar form until the 1940s when liquid soaps became more available. The current resurgence in popularity of solid shampoo comes from a growing demand for more natural products combined with reducing the reliance upon plastic bottles. One bar of shampoo can replace 3 bottles of liquid shampoo. As ingredients go, hard soaps rely upon natural oils and butters over synthesized ingredients to achieve great hair and scalp. Today we can combine the best of both worlds by adding environment and body safe additives to natural oil hard soaps to ensure a rich lather, solid conditioning and voluminous body.

We are working on a base formula that can then be adapted to target your hair and scalp needs from dry to oily. We will rely upon the power of essentials oils to narrow in and tackle each need as well as offer a pleasant aroma. Our mission is to have these available as we enter Autumn.

Natural Deodorant is a little trickier to get people to try. Many people have relied upon antiperspirants for many years and have not noticed why these are not an ideal product to manage and prevent body odor. Where a deodorant uses mainly alcohol bases and perfumes to cover your scent, antiperspirants rely upon a crude function of putting tiny solids into your pores to act as a dam to block sweat. Science has proven that all this does is force your body to make more sweat to “unclog” the pores. The rest of the work an antiperspirants does is identical to that of a deodorant – cover of scent with perfume and kill bacterial with alcohol.

Why is this process not so ideal? The answer is simple, clogging your pores is counter productive if your body is only going to fight harder to sweat. Alcohol will dry and irritate your skin; and the perfumes are often doing the same with no other added benefit. A natural deodorant relies upon the properties of the ingredients that are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal while they also offer great scents and other skin benefits. While they may not stop the sweat they will lead to less sweat being produced and allowing you to manage your perspiration better in other means. Doing an under arm detox will help you transition to natural deodorants. We will share the simple process later, when we launch our natural deodorant.

We will be hard at work developing these items and rely upon proven science and recipes to begin our testing and then detail them to meet our expectations. As like all of our products, they will be more affordable natural alternatives to major brands as well as other specialty makers as part of our mission to help every body be epic.


Bamboo Boar Bristle Beard Brushes are Back!

New J&L Pogonotrophics Brand Beard Brush

We love alliteration!

It has been out of stock since last holiday season as we were looking for a more reliable supplier. We hope to have these back in our store by July 12. We decided to be a little vain and place our logo on the back this time.

The base is made from bamboo which gives a strong hard wood that is more moisture resistant than common hardwoods. As with the previous edition, this military style palm brush contains 100% boar’s hair bristles.

Check back to get yours before they are gone again.


Us vs Them: Beard Oil

Them: “Big Name Brand” commonly found online and in select barbershop chains.

30ml / 1 oz bottle of beard oil. $20 – $35

  • 7 Scents – base formula varies by scent, but not specialized for any special benefit to the user.
  • Best base oil used: Argan, & Jojoba. Uses “cheap” filler oils (oils with little or no hair conditioning benefits or have a high rancidity factor) such as Castor  & Olive Oil. Other beneficial oils used: Almond, Safflower, Grapeseed
  • Filled into clear glass bottles – does not provide UV protection

Us: “Little Specialty Brand” with a hard to pronounce name.

30ml / 1 oz bottle of beard oil. All are $15

  • 10+ scents, each available in 3 specialized formulas that target light, medium and heavy conditioning needs.
  • Best Base oil used: Organic Argan & Organic Jojoba. No Castor or Olive Oil, no “filler” oils are used. Other beneficial oils used: Almond, Apricot, Avocado, Babassu, Coconut, Grapeseed (use and quantity varies by formula to focus on the unique strengths of each oil).
  • Filled into dark blue glass bottles – provides UV protection to allow your oil to last longer without going rancid.

It is important to know what is in your beard oil. Not everything other brands will use are genuinely good for your skin or hair, nor worthy of the price they charge. With J&L Pogonotrophics, each formula is specially blended with 100% beneficial oils designed to give the right level of conditioning your beard needs.

Do not buy oil in clear bottles. Tinted glass bottles are the first line of defense against a natural oil’s enemy – light. Colored glass costs the same as clear, so why not protect your customers purchase?

We could charge more for our products, by using the highest quality ingredients that are in their purest forms; and using only natural and essential oils for fragrance. We strongly feel that charging a fair price helps you to use them as intended as part of a regular care regimen. By being a comparative value allows more men to have access to quality products for conditioning and grooming their facial hair. We sincerely want you to Be Epic and show it every day. We want you to feel great knowing you are using a quality product that is made by bearded gents who have thoroughly tested every product they make and sell to ensure it performs as intended.

Into the Scent Matrix

We honestly love producing so many varying scents. From traditional basics like Lavender and Citrus; to our very one-of-a-kind creations like Jakarta, Oceania and the new Shanghai we try to give a broad array of fragrances. Our hopes are that you will find at least one you love and others you like. It actually has been hard for our customers to decide which scent they like most.

Outside of our Beard Care lines we have not done the best job at sharing the scents across many of our products. People want to coordinate their fragrances and we have not been so good at meeting that expectation.

As we transition through some older options in scent and products, we are going to establish our most popular fragrances that will adapt well to other products and bring them to more of our most popular items. So far we have identified 9 scents that will be available in either Beard Care or Body Mist; Shower Wash; Bar Soap; and solid colognes.

Our all new bar soaps are expected to launch in a few weeks and we will highlight the coordinating products shortly after.

We will also bring back our popular holiday scents. We skipped it this last holiday season and disappointed many fans. This year we will have the Beard Oil scent and the Body Mist scent with coordinating Shower Wash and Bar Soap. We will also build these into our gift sets as well!

Keep a watch for when we announce our new bar soaps to see what we are talking about!