Terms and Conditions for Purchasing from our Online Store.

In today’s online economy there is a need to have a clear and consistent message between us, the seller, and those with who we conduct business. We are making our Terms & Conditions a separate article as it pertains to specifically to our online customers. We will work to keep these brief and simple, yet provide important information regarding online sales and fulfillment for our retail level customers. These T&C cover all direct to consumer transactions placed through our website. These TERMS & CONDITIONS are in companionship with our standard POLICIES, which will go into more detail on some points to add clarity.


We have recently initiated an automated reward coupon for customers that give product reviews. To ensure this program is impactful, we must set some guidelines to be followed. The strict purpose of these rules are to ensure reviews are helpful for making a purchasing decision around the product and to adequately present an aggregate value of a product’s performance. Although we will monitor reviews, it is not a means to micro-manage the narrative.

  • Reviews must relate to the specific product being reviewed. Additional comments are welcomed, but the core product must be the main point of the review.
  • Product reviews will only accepted by verified purchases made by the reviewer.
  • Coupon is automatically issued to the associated reviewer’s email address associated with the product review.
  • Reviews will be posted after we have assured they are relevant to the product, the proper use of the product.
  • Our Social Media policies will be in place. We will not accept reviews that are overly angry, rude, or contain hate speech. Content must be professional, on point and polite.
  • Any STAR rating is to be reserved strictly for the product! For example: “Product was awesome, loved it! But, it arrived later than I expected so I am only giving it 2 stars.” These types of reviews, although common, do not help customers; and falsely implies dissatisfaction with the product. Reviews for anything outside the actual product is not part of this program. Also, reviews where a “Star rating” contradicts the content will not be approved.
  • Coupons will carry some limitations on use and will not apply to sale or clearance items. They will also expire.
  • If you have an active user account, you will be able to link the coupon to the account if you were logged in when you wrote the review. This will allow you to easily use the coupon in the future.

Shopping and Ordering:

  • Our online store is strictly for those shopping for personal use by the customer or as a recipient of purchased item(s) as a gift – the END USER.
  • Any purchases for RESALE made though our online store by any reseller that is not registered as such and has signed a reseller agreement are not accepted. Resellers must contact sales@pogonotrophics.com to place any orders.
  • We don’t have the capacity for bulk sales through our website. Order quantities above what a typical person could use in a standard period of time will be rejected and refunded. Most everything we make is in very small batches, many items are packaged to order.
  • Purchases for public REVIEWS: whether professional journalist, influencer or blogger; and/or intended to be presented on a publicly viewable platform like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, You Tube, other social media, or website are not permitted without prior knowledge. You must contact our PR department with any requests. Use of our trademarks, branding or company and product names for monetary gain is not permitted without permission. We may seek compensation in monetary form or in exchange of services in such situations. We strongly encourage genuine personal reviews to be shared with us and others.
  • Please read listed ingredients of each product. Make sure there is nothing that you are known to have any kind of reaction to. Any known reaction like: itching, redness, swelling, hives, etc,; you should not avoid the product. We cannot be held liable for any negative reaction when use of a item that can activate a known allergy. It is best to avoid an item over the risk of an allergic reaction, allergies don’t go away so easily.
  • By purchasing the item, you are responsible for using the product as described and within proper methods presented anywhere within the product listing: Descriptions, Uses, Ingredients and other information given. Do not assume a product’s use is acceptable for any other use than what is given in the product listing. We are not liable for improper use or intentional misuse of any product. Internal use or intended internal consumption of any product cannot be assumed to be safe, and is not acceptable; with the exception of Lip Balm when used as intended. Do Not Eat any product we make!
  • We do our best to describe our products in a manner to understand their traits and how they should perform. Please make sure you understand their use before purchasing. If you are not sure, email CUSTOMER SUPPORT to ask any questions you may have.
  • Scent/Fragrance is a highly subjective attribute of our products. Although we would like to offer a full satisfaction guarantee, we cannot guarantee you will love any particular scent used in a product. Whether it be the notes of the fragrance or the overall strength within the product – even of scents you know you like. We provide a page with details about each scent to help you choose one that is ideal to your senses.
  • All other products we generally have a satisfaction guarantee in regards to performance. We are working out exactly what this will look like at the time. Do know that if a product does not perform as described, when used according to instructions, we will work with you to replace or issue a refund.
  • By purchasing from us, you agree to not publicly shame us or our products without first working with us to resolve any concern. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond what other like size and type of businesses do to satisfy customer issues. Taking us to a “public court” to discredit us or cause us financial harm will not be looked upon kindly; nor is doing such a sign of good faith. Give us the opportunity first to assist you.

Order Processing and Fulfillment:

  • Orders must be processed through our standard CART – CHECKOUT process, with payment processed through our payment gateway.
  • The customer is responsible to make sure all information is entered correctly, that all items in their cart are in fact items they wish to purchase before entering the CHECKOUT process.
  • The customer is responsible for ensuring that all COUPONS and CREDITS are applied and within the terms of their issuance. If a coupon is rejected as being invalid, and you have reason to believe it should still be valid, please contact Customer Support before completing your order. Do note, that most coupons do not allow stacking and we work to fight “extreme couponing” practices that can cause loss to our business. We will not apply coupons or credits after order has been placed.
  • If payment of your order fails, we cannot manually process your order. You will need to contact your card’s issuing financial institution as to why your payment was not accepted.
  • Once payment has been processed and order completed, we cannot change your order. Our payment system does not permit us to process payment on our end and we do not have means to request payment in any other means. If you wish to add items to your order, place an additional order, then immediately email Customer Support, to inform us that you wish to combine the orders into one and we can work to refund any over-payed shipping fees. Please include order numbers, which can be found within the order confirmation email.


  • Paid Orders will be acknowledged within 24 weekday hours of being received. From there we process the orders based upon fulfillment method: SHIPPING or PICK UP.
  • We cannot add items to an order that will result in added charges. Our payment system does not permit such activities. We can only delete and item or exchange for equal or lesser value. Refunds caused by changes may take 2 to 3 days to be processed.
  • To notify us of any changes or cancellation, you will need to contact Customer Support before 10:00 am CST of the next weekday (or by 10:00 am CST if you placed the order before then on the same day).
  • USPS (the carrier) picks up from our location anywhere between 11:00am and 6:00pm CST. If the order is picked up by our carrier before you cancel your order, we cannot refund shipping – unless we are able to receive a refund from USPS. Shipping Fees are for a separate service offered and cannot be refunded if the service is provided.
  • Pick Up orders have a built in 24 hour weekday window to allow us to prepare your order. Pick Up times are by appointment, you may cancel your order any time up to your appointment time. Other terms apply to missed Pick Up appointments, see our Customer Pick Up information page for details.


  • Upon completion of your order, you will receive an email to the address provided which will include a USPS tracking number as well as a link to USPS tracking.
  • Do TRACK your package using the link provided in your confirmation email. This is the best way to be aware of any potential issues relating to delivery of your package.
  • If you are unable to retrieve your package safely, in a reasonable period of time, you may wish to have a trusted party locate and hold your package for you.
  • If tracking shows the order as being delivered and you cannot find your package, report this to your local post office. This will help in our claim with USPS.

PICK UP Orders

  • Local Curbside Pick Up is an option for those in the Chicago area to save on shipping fees and pick up their order from our offices.
  • Pick Up is by appointment only, selected at the time of purchase. If this did not happen, please email us (unless we contact you first), to set an appointment for pick-up.
  • We cannot change an order from Pick Up to Shipped if there is a Shipping Fee required. For security reasons, we cannot manually add any charges to an order once payment is processed.


  • Missing packages are those that are marked as DELIVERED by USPS. Any notes related to your delivery will be made by the carrier and need to be followed to locate your package. If the package cannot be found, you need to file a complaint with your local post office. Once you do that, notify us so we can initiate a claim.
  • Any fulfillment exceptions or issues must be reported within 18 hours of the time of Delivery Confirmation by the carrier. It is an expectation that you are anticipating your package and will follow tracking details to anticipate its arrival.
  • If your package arrives visibly damaged or opened, immediately make note of this – and take a picture to aid with claims processing. If you are interacting with the carrier at the time of delivery, make note of the condition with the carrier present.
  • Concealed damage can happen without any visible indicators on the outside of the package. If you open the package and notice that something is not right – leaks, opened containers, cracked or broken containers. Take pictures and contact us immediately.
  • We must receive any other fulfillment/order issues reported to us within 48 hours. This is more than a reasonable amount of time and is more than the window provided to us by any carrier.
  • DO NOT THROW AWAY ANY PRODUCT or PACKAGING without visually recording their condition and after receiving instructions that it is acceptable to do so. We need to be able to report to our carrier the issue as well as maintain a record of the situation. All items are shipped insured, we must be able to file a claim and will need all proof possible. Without your support in this matter, we cannot assure that you will get full replacement or refund for any loss.
  • In general, we do not physically take back returns. It is better for us to re-ship your order and allow you to dispose of any damaged items. Once we have validation that you have a loss, we will ship your replacements. If an item was a “last one” or we are currently out of stock, we will refund the price paid plus tax paid.
  • We have a 14 day window for refunds for defective products. Defective items are those that have obvious physical indicators that the item is not usable. Broken packaging, separation of ingredients, strong nutty or rancid smell, inconsistent texture of liquids are all examples of potential defects. Working with natural hand made goods can lead to unexpected changes to the product caused by fluctuations in temperature, humidity and other environment instability. Some items may melt or soften, and simple rest and cooling will correct the problem. It is suggested that such items are not opened until they have rested in a cool level location in your home.
  • Allergic reactions happen, even if you have never had an issue previously with an item or ingredient. Please notify us if you have a reaction to the product so we can work with you to exchange or refund the item.
  • Our preferred method of resolving damaged or defective product is to replace it immediately. If that is not satisfactory, we may offer a refund of purchase price plus tax. We reserve the right to issue refunds in the form of account credit for damaged/defective product, or for a performance guarantee. Refunds to credit/debit cannot be processed after 14 days.

We do track order issues in relation to performance guarantees, reported lost/damaged orders, and reported defective products. This is to prevent fraudulent abuse of the system and to assure we can always offer fair pricing. A level of unreasonable claims will lead to refusal of service to such customers and potential illegal activity will be reported to law enforcement. We ship all orders via United States Postal Service, which can take legal actions as well for fraudulent claims.

This covers the basics of transaction based Terms & Conditions when shopping with us. We have more details on our Policies page. By accepting these Terms & Conditions during CHECKOUT, you are also agreeing to all our listed policies.