The Team

We are a tiny team of friends that handle all aspects of this business. Each of us has a part to play to keep us moving.

John aka JC – because there is another John

Founder. Chief executive and architect of all that is J&L… essentially it is his baby. Passionate about what he does, and compassionate about people. Always thinking and plotting new concepts for the company. Created/invented our most iconic products: Beard Butter and Junk Oil. This is his full time career. All production and operational activities are performed by him. He designs it, makes it, packs it, puts it on the website, and ships it. Also does our social media posts, writes newsletters, handles PR. As we grow, these roles will get passed on to others so he can spend more time simply advising and guiding.


Larry is JC’s husband. Although he has a very time consuming full time career outside of J&L, he puts energy into all aspects of our operations. Providing financial feedback and assisting in new product development.

John (the other John)

John is our media and brand image specialist. Most the pictures you see of us on our site and in social media were taken by him. It is easy to tell his work apart from that of others. Supporting us is a side gig when time is available, while he works are a professional commercial photographer. John works our Pop-Ups, pretty much side by side with JC. John is also a member of our “board of directors” in steering our direction and giving solid feedback on our products and plans.


Brandon helps out with our Pop-Ups and has been a great brand ambassador. As we grow, we hope he is able to grow with us to take on our marketing and sales when the timing is right. Along with his wife, they are very much a part of our business Oh, and Brandon is JC’s nephew.


Maureen is Brandon’s sister… yes, lots of nepotism here. She has been a great sounding board for all that is J+L Apothecary. She has a solid understanding of skin care developed by personal experience, having specific skin needs. Technically not part of our “business” but she is very important to us as an advisor.

Other People behind the scenes:

We have quite a few friends of the business that have made a lot of our growth possible. From being strong Brand Ambassadors to lending a hand whenever needed. Some have provided us tremendous opportunities to gain exposure. Most of these folks have important careers that necessitates a level anonymity. What is important is that they know who they are and that we consider them a part of the J&L family.

Over the years we have had “models” and “customer assistants” that join in for the fun as the help our enterprise along. Folks like Dillon, Ted, Lela and Tim who have taken time away from their other activities to put some energy behind us. Especially during our Pop-Ups, they are essential to our success.