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We wish to share how we are keeping everyone safe.

First, we are an online only business. That means we have zero to very limited contact with our customers and suppliers. This is an added layer of safety that makes it a tad bit easier for us.

Hand washing is a constant throughout our day. Washing before and after production and between every step during. This is a culture that must be reinforced no matter what time of the year or season. Gloves, aprons, masks are worn during production and packaging stages.

Because we make nearly everything we sell, and what we sell is designed to be used upon your body; we take many precautions in the making, packaging and processing of all our products. And, we have done so since day one. Every surface, container and tool we use in making our products is disinfected immediately before each use – even if we just washed it. We use 3 types of disinfectants in our daily activities, all of which are proven to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. This follows through to packaging, where we ensure that every bottle and jar is clean and ready for what we put inside. Once sealed, our products are stored in a stable and safe environment awaiting to be packaged to ship to you.

When packing your order, we wipe down every item as we pack. Working with natural ingredients means that they can be temperamental and unexpected variables can cause the product to change in appearance or even prematurely expire. This is an everyday culture here to make sure you receive a quality product as well as a safe product. Packing materials are stored in a similar environment to where our products are held. This area is cleaned and sanitized daily as we do not wish to allow any cross contamination from our storage area to our production area.

We have introduced Curbside Pickup for local customers to save on shipping and to receive their orders more quickly. This process is designed to drastically minimize person to person contact. All persons are to wear personal protection gear for the order hand off. Our preference is to be able to drop your order in through your car window so you can be on your way faster.

With much of what we make being on the list of items known for fighting a virus [soap, fatty acids] we don’t rely upon that is our safety protocol, but makes us feel more assured that our additional methods help further reduce any risk.

Even when/if this is all over; our culture will remain as it has from the start. It should not take a pandemic to force proper cleaning and sanitizing behaviors. To learn that there are food handling places that the idea of clean throughout the day is a new practice is scary.

Please forward your questions to our email address and we will get right back with an answer.

Thank you

John & Larry

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