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Returns and Refund Policy


Please have your order number available when you contact us to assist in processing.

With the exception of JÖL for Home products, all items we make are for personal care and cannot be returned due to health regulations.

Unless otherwise specifically instructed, we do request you to actually return the product to us. If instructed to actually return an item, please do so in accordance with the instructions we will provide. Return shipping will be paid by us in these situations through a provided USPS shipping label. Returns must be shipped (to Mail Carrier or Post Office) by you within 5 days of receipt of the shipping label. To reduce waste and expenses, we often request that you dispose of the item you wish to return. This activity is closely monitored to prevent abuse, please be sincere in your reporting of a product issue.

If there is any issue with your order, we must insist that all packaging be retained until we are able to satisfactorily resolve any issues relating to shipping and packaging condition. Our carriers may ask for evidence in claim resolution. If we cannot provide the required evidence to them, we will be unable to process your claim.

What will qualify for an Exchange, Return or Refund:

  • Product was unusable due to leakage, damage, or other specific quality of product or packaging (i.e. bottles, caps, boxes) issue within a reasonable period of time after purchase. Damage or marks on labels are cosmetic and will not warrant an exchange, return, or refund.
  • An unforeseen allergic reaction or sensitivity to an ingredient used. You must have not known to have been allergic to this ingredient before application.
  • A gift item where you were unaware of the recipient having an allergy and you have no use for the product for yourself.
  • Items that were not the correct item as ordered.
  • Orders reported as lost or stolen will be exchanged for the exact same items as ordered. If an order was custom or limited quantity, we will refund the amount paid (inclusive of sales tax) of those items only.

What will not qualify for an Exchange, Return or Refund:

  • Unhappy with or dislike of scent/fragrance/aroma/flavor of a product. Very descriptive details are provided to assist you in making your choice. Reactions to such features are highly subjective and personal; for that reason it cannot be guaranteed that you personally will like any given scent.
  • Allergic reaction to a known allergy to a listed ingredient. Please read the contents/ingredients list clearly to assure they are safe for you to use. We cannot be responsible for a reaction to a known allergen that was overlooked or ignored. If you have an allergy, it is your responsibility to protect yourself when a known allergen is included. When ordering for others, do not take the risk to “try” the product for yourself. Please, take every caution possible!
  • Marks; water/liquid damage to labels; peeling of labels; or other external cosmetic component that does not relate to or influence the performance or operation of the product. Such issues are commonly caused through handling and shipping of product and are not guaranteed.
  • Product that was received in a poor condition and was not reported within the required time period. Damaged packages or items must be reported within 72 hours of when the packaged was marked as being delivered by the carrier. Please do not delay. If time lapses it becomes nearly impossible to determine causation and to work with proper partners to resolve the issue.
  • We do not offer a broad “100% Satisfaction Guarantee”. Such an offer would require us to charge a significantly higher price as insurance for such a policy. We professionally handle all dissatisfied customers to ensure they are happy with their purchase and will gladly refund or replace defective or under performing products. By offering such a general policy, we open ourselves up for abuse. We are not that large of an operation where we can offer such widely without risking financial losses.

Delivered Packages that are reported LOST or STOLEN

We will work with the carrier to file an insurance claim. Depending on what level of service used, it may require a waiting period of up to 15 days from date the package was accepted by the carrier before a claim can be filed. We do not guarantee a refund or replacement of packages that are reported by USPS as being delivered that are later reported lost or stolen by you. If we are successful at a claim we file being paid, we will reship your order (or refund for items we cannot reship). If the USPS rejects the claim, we will send validation to you for filing a police report, insurance claim or seek compensation from a related party to recoup your loss. We rely upon USPS as a carrier as they are most capable of ensuring your package gets to you safely and securely. They are the only carrier backed by Federal law to fight theft. USPS still makes mistakes and has issues with their route carriers making poor decisions; but our experiences with other carriers is far worse and they offer no accountability for their route carrier’s poor decisions that lead to packages getting lost or stolen.

During communication with you concerning a product issue, please respond to questions. If we ask how you would like us to handle the situation, it is because we honestly care to know what you would prefer. If you do not tell us, we have no means to further process your request and will consider the inquiry closed. We will try our best to satisfy your concerns in an effective and professional manner. It is only reasonable to ask the same from you.


Refunds will only be issued for products as well any service that has not been fulfilled. Shipping Fee/Postage is a separate charge for a specific service that is provided. If the service was completed per reasonable expectation, the Shipping Fees will not be available for refund under any circumstance.

ACCOUNT CREDIT is our standard means to refund our customers that wish to exchange or replace a defective product. Account credit allows you to select a different product that better suits you and can be used at any time with a future purchase. This gives you flexibility on how to use it over adhering to a strict exchange for same item policy. Account credit may expire if not used within a reasonable period of time. It is strongly encouraged that you spend Account Credits within 1 year of issue. This method allows us to give you a full value refund as refunding of card payments carry added fees that we must pay.

We will work with you on any Refund or Exchange to determine what is best in the situation. We want you to be happy with your purchase and your experience with us overall. Every inquiry is treated professionally and with an exchange of information between us to determine what needs to happen and how a resolution can be achieved. If you are not fully enjoying the product for its intended purpose by using it correctly we will strive to make your experience better. That may mean sending you a product that is more suited to your needs, advice on more effective ways to use the product or simply give you a refund via Account Credit.

More information on LOST or STOLEN PACKAGES: see our standard POLICIES page.


These policies may be open to abuse by nefarious shoppers. We do log all customer interactions so we can provide better service as well as to track potential patterns. Abuse of our policies leads to a direct increase in our costs, directly affecting the price everyone will pay. Each reported issue is treated case-by-case with acknowledgement of past issues. We reserve the right to refuse to enact our stated policies when there is significant evidence of abuse or questionable activity involved.