This page has been in serious need of an update. As we have grown and built upon our original concept, most of the former questions became well answered or irrelevant. Where we built our Frequently Asked Questions upon what real questions we had been asked the most, as time went on those questions stopped being asked. Such things like “Will you make products for women?” no longer needed an answer.

Today, we feel that there are questions out there that are not getting asked. Instead of asking, ‘Do you have any questions?” it is best to ask, “What are your questions?” So…email us with your questions:

Any question relating to our business, products and branding is welcomed. Unless deemed too personal or offensive, pretty much any question will be acknowledged. If we really like your question, we will ask if it is OK to share it with everyone; and we will give you a little something to thank you for letting us do so. Once we learn what questions are getting asked the most we will update this page with those question. Through the process, we will attempt to answer every question that comes in.