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Local Curbside Pickup Fulfillment



LOCAL CURBSIDE PICKUP is a free service we provide to our local customers so they may save on shipping fees. Our aim is to fulfill pickup orders as quickly as a standard shipped order. Local Curbside Pickup is not an expedited service.

To keep this service available and functional, we strongly urge anyone who selects this service follow all the guidelines noted here and on the order confirmation. As we are a very small operation with many tasks that need to be performed each day, we must insist upon appointment windows be adhered to so we can maintain our daily workflows.


The Local Pick Up system does not restrict this service to any specific zone. This permits those who are traveling to Chicago to arrange a Pick Up for when they arrive. It may also lead to confusion for some that may assume there is a pick up location near them wherever they reside.

If you find that you cannot complete the pickup, please notify us as soon as possible via email [SUPPORT] to coordinate a means to ship your order. If you order requires paid shipping, we can invoice the shipping fee to then process your order once paid.


As some items require a little extra work or customization at the time of being ordered, we cannot offer same day pick up. Depending on time of day when an order is placed, the earliest pick up date may be up to 3 calendar days from date of order. Pick Up is limited to select days and times for each day. Generally, no pick ups after Saturday at 1:30pm CST to Monday 11:00am CST


ALL PICKUPS ARE SCHEDULED WITH 30 MINUTE APPOINTMENT WINDOWS – please pickup within your window. Contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to make your appointment window. Best means to contact us on day of appointment is via text message to the phone number provided on your order Invoice.

  • Choose Local Pickup at checkout as your shipping option.
  • Select an available day from the dropdown box that appears under the Order Total. Once you have selected a day, available times for that day will be made displayed in an additional dropdown box. If your preferred date or time is not able to be selected, it is not available. We cannot override this.
  • Upon processing your order, you will receive a more detailed instructions with helpful information for locating our offices.
  • Due to the limitations of our payment processor, we are unable to add items to your order in-person. We may be able to do an even value exchange, if we have the other items in stock and available. Please communicate if this is necessary in advance – all related activity to pick ups will be outside. If you do wish to purchase additional items at pick up, please message, email or call the number on your receipt to let us know. It is possible for us to create Pay on Delivery order. To facilitate this, please let us know what items you wish purchase and we will create the order and have it ready with your Pickup order. We can only accept payment by Debit or Credit.
  • If you may be early for your pick up, do let us know. It is possible we can take care of you right away upon your arrival.

It is important that you follow the instructions for your Pick Up. If you are unsure of anything please contact us via email or the mobile number that is given on your order confirmation email. We are happy to clarify any concerns you have.


We wish to keep this service free and without fines. Having a policy on how we handle matters when they do not go as planned is how we can be prepared and the customer knows what to expect.

  • After a 2nd missed pickup appointment, we will permit one more appointment. If this 3rd appointment is missed we will cancel your order and issue a refund, minus bank processing fees and a $3.00 Inconvenience Fee.
  • If any pickup goes 5 days without contact after a missed appointment, we will cancel your order and issue a full refund as Account Credit. If you purchased as a guest, we will issue a refund to your payment method minus the bank processing fees.
  • If you cancel your pickup order at any point, we can issue a refund, minus the bank processing fees.
  • Standard bank processing fees are $0.30 + 2.9% of order total. As a policy, we do not refund any amount that was for a 3rd party service that was executed as expected if we cannot get a refund from the service provider. Banking policies will not permit refunds of processing fees of any amount for legitimate purchases.

In any situation where we cancel your order, you will be notified via email of what steps we are taking and the amount of your refund. We don’t like doing this, but we must consider the impact to our business when these situations occur.