J&L POGONOTROPHICS LLC is the “company” behind 2 specialty / boutique brands of personal care and home use products built upon one simple principle: Be of premium quality, as natural as possible, work as intended and priced to be used effectively. We also strongly believe in the philosophy of Self-Care through Personal Care; a notion that the little things we do to make us look better and feel good can help improve our overall self-esteem and self-image.

We began with J&L Pogonotrophics to focus on the specific needs bearded and hirsute male. Targeting specific needs such guys face when it comes to taking care of their beard, hair and skin. J&L Pogonotrophics is masculine without posturing or toxicity. With women loving many of our body products and asking for more, we developed J&L Apothecary Brand of bath & body products for EVERY body. The principle behind J+L Apothecary is to offer personal care essentials minus gender profiling through packaging and scent. A simple concept that allows us to make a wide variety of products without unnecessary labels.


We wish to bring back some of the old ways of business. Go back to a time where you invested in your business to make it grow. There was a time when a company’s profits went back in to the business to develop new and better products and adapt existing products to ever changing markets.

You likely have heard the corporate speak, “think outside the box”. Well, when all you can see is the box and you are bound by its walls you are instantly limited in your scope. We prefer to not be in a box. To have an open view to the world around us. To take in all that we can see and hear to stimulate our creative process. If we had simply stayed inside a box and tried to only imagine what is outside it, we would never have been inspired to even begin with our first product. While those who stay inside a box become stagnant, we continue to innovate and redefine who we are.


We see ourselves as a little boutique brand that is relatively comfortable staying that way. We are certainly not a “Lifestyle” brand; one that tries to influence or create appeal based upon an image of a quality or forced vision of a life aesthetic. We like to be product forward in our approach and use less to say more. We don’t subscribe to the belief that higher price must equate with higher quality. The “get what you paid for” reasoning is invalid when often we are buying an image of a lifestyle over the reality of the product. J&L is about simplicity, honesty and transparency in all that we do.

Part of our branding is that we work hard to offer our products at a value. Being a very small business this is a massive challenge. Our buying power with suppliers is non-existent as we cannot meet their minimum requirements to receive the bigger discounts. Other ways we controls costs is through not selling through Amazon, Ebay or Etsy. These services apply fees and set costly requirements that would place a bigger burden upon us. If these services become more affordable, we may consider utilizing them to gain more exposure.


We make every single product ourselves, by hand, in very small batches. Some soap items we make from a pre-made base we source that is organic and meets high European Union standards of purity. Innovation is important to us, as it should be with any business, and we are proud to have been the first to introduce Junk Oil and inventing Beard Butter. We are also the largest beard care product maker that offers specialized Beard Oil formulas for varying conditioning levels.

Every ingredient we use is sourced from reliable suppliers for quality and purity of their products. There is a higher priority given to purity and performance of any ingredient over it being USDA Organic. Where possible, we source ingredients that carry the SOIL ASSOCIATION Organic Certification; which sets stronger criteria to earn certification.

Currently we have over 100 products, including scent variations, all of higher quality and sold at a price lower than you would find on Amazon or Etsy for like items for quality and ingredients. In fact, we are even less expensive than some much bigger name brands that are of lower quality and are using inferior ingredients. We monitor other makers of like products to see what ingredients they are using and their pricing regularly.

JC & Larry, the beards behind J&L Pogonotrophics LLC


We created a separate page where you can meet some of the folks behind the curtain.

A new stylized and simplified logo to fully represent our two main brands together, in a solitary image.

Plans for continued growth

Through continued innovation of new products, and working to improve the quality and performance of existing products we will be able to sustain continued growth. As we approach the start of our 8th year of business, we feel that the time is right to re-think many aspects of our business, especially in the way of our products and their formulations. Over the coming months, we plan to invigorate our SKIN CARE offerings with better formulas that are 100% made in house of natural ingredients. Early work is being done to renew our core brand, J&L Pogonotrophics to be more competitive in a market we helped build. Expect some tweaks to our Beard Oils and introduction of new products designed just for men.

Meanwhile, we will continue to make J+L Apothecary a place to find personal care essentials for all. Although J&L Pogonotrophics will be our “MEN’S” line, J+L Apothecary is NOT our “WOMEN’S” line – as always, it will remain gender neutral and focus on the universal fact that all people need good personal care products! Also expect more things to be offered under the JÖL badge, which is merely an extension of J+L Apothecary.

We thank you for your time, interest and patronage. We hope you enjoy what you take away from us and will share your experiences with others as well as tell us what you think.