J&L POGONOTROPHICS LLC is the “company” behind 2 specialty / boutique brands of grooming, personal care and home-life products built upon a single principle: Premium quality without the premium price nor pretense. We also strongly believe in the philosophy of Self-Care through Personal Care; a notion that the little things we do to make us look and feel good can help improve our overall self-esteem and promote a positive self-image.

We began with J&L Pogonotrophics to focus on the specific needs of the bearded and hirsute male. Targeting specific needs such gents face when it comes to taking care of their beard, hair and skin. In the early days, there were very few beard care brands out there and many were more gimmicky than quality. J&L Pogonotrophics promotes a sense of masculinity without posturing or toxicity.

Building upon our position in the world of Bear Care, we expanded into other products that are intended for use by all. Initially this line of personal care products was branded as J+L Apothecary. The intent was to provide the same principle we worked under with J&L Pogonotrophics and brings it to items that every person uses. In 2020, we announced the launch of JÖL as our single umbrella branding for everything that is not related to purely masculine facial hair grooming. We first introduced our Candles and other home products under this badge and over the course of the year have been replacing the retired J+L Apothecary branded items with new JÖL for Skin + Hair branding.


We wish to bring back some of the old ways of business. Go back to a time where you invested in your business to make it grow; making sensible choices to organically grow. There was a time when a company’s profits went back in to the business to develop new and better products and adapt existing products to ever changing markets. We have avoided large capital investors that wish to make a quick return on their investment with no regard for the business, the products or the customers. Over the years since our inception we have seen a lot of flash-in-pan competitors that within a short period of time imploded under the weight of their expenses.

You likely have heard the corporate speak, “think outside the box”. Well, when all you can see is the box and you are bound by its walls you are instantly limited in your scope. We prefer to not be in a box. To have an open view to see the world around us. To take in all that we can see and hear to stimulate our creative process. If we had simply stayed inside a box and tried to only imagine what is outside it, we would never have been inspired to even begin with our first product. While those who stay inside a box become stagnant, we continue to innovate and redefine who we are.


We are certainly not a “Lifestyle” brand; one that tries to influence or create appeal based upon an image of luxury or forced vision of a life aesthetic. We like to be product forward in our approach and use less to say more. We don’t subscribe to the belief that higher price must equate with higher quality. The “get what you paid for” reasoning is invalid when often we are buying an image of a lifestyle over the reality of the product. J&L is about simplicity, honesty and transparency in all that we do.

J&L Pogonotrophics is about giving real and genuine choice in caring for your beard and managing facial hair. We are originator and largest maker of specialized beard oils to meet the varying needs of beard hair. It should go without saying that not every man’s beard is the same. Yet, nearly every beard oil maker out there only offers a small variety of scents that are added to one simple oil formula. Often, using the most generic of oil blends with no thought as to how those oils will perform. J&L did extensive research into what each oil that is commonly known to be great for hair and skin to learn exactly why that is and how well each one works. Finding that right balance in an oil blend to reach the desired absorption rate to nourish and condition the hair. We started with 5 Beard Oil formulas. Over the years we have narrowed that down to 3 distinct oil blends that each offer a different level of conditioning based upon hair type.

With that in mind, we got to work to make a salve like conditioning pomade that can be more penetrative and have a lasting impact to improve hair quality. It was also a necessity to offer a level of styling hold and be used to target split ends on longer beards. This is what led to us inventing the first, and the best Beard Butter. While other tout a beard butter as being like a balm and an oil, they took no time to learn what went into creating this very unique product. While they may have copied the name, and maybe some of the ingredients, they are clueless as to why it came to be and how to use it best.

Built upon J&L Pogonotrophics’ foundation, we expanded into products for skin and hair. While a couple of those items remained with J&L, others were separated into their own line of products to make them available to every body.

J+L Apothecary is changing names
J+L Apothecary has been retired, and replaced with JÖL for Skin + Hair

JÖL is carrying this further by being at the intersection of Utility and Simplicity. JÖL is about serving common needs, directly, with tried and true ingredients/contents that do the job they say they will do and do it very well. The only glamour and flair should come from within you, and from the purchase of a product. While it is basic, it is not mundane.

JÖL means to have a good time, to celebrate. JÖL is about celebrating yourself, your home and those closest to you. It offers no magic that you don’t already posses.

JÖL is about value. Value has become a negative these days. Over priced and often mediocre brands tell you that the less expensive products will let you down. Well, those less expensive products they mention are the ones they make. We only make one line, one level, one grade of products. There is no “low end” version. JÖL is not going to perform miracles. How is it a premium product? We use the purest ingredients and applied in the right balance to do the job. There are no filler ingredients that are there to just make the product cheaper to produce. Majority of our ingredients are organic and plant sourced; used in their raw form to be most effective. Everything is hand made, formed, and poured in small batches to ensure we have fresh products that will be at their peak when purchased.


JC has pretty much been the one to work to build this up. He did not do it alone and has a team of people that come in to help make this dream a reality. JC has a background in culinary pursuits, the sciences, arts and music. Having been bearded since high school, he has over 30 years of bearding life experience. The struggles to keep a beard looking great and keeping it healthy led him to start this enterprise. He didn’t jump on a trend in growing a beard, or to take care of it.

He is also very socially aware and conscious of the world around him. His goals are to build a fully inclusive business and brand.

JC & Larry, the beards behind J&L Pogonotrophics LLC


We created a separate page where you can meet some of the folks behind the curtain.

J&L/JÖL Logo

A new stylized and simplified logo to fully represent our two main brands together, in a solitary image.

Plans for continued growth

Look for an update this Holiday Season – we have lots to share as we head into our 8th year! Looking to bring more new products, new scents as we continue to improve our quality and pricing.