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Change is good: A Quotidian Beard Oil Update

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Over the last couple years we have seen a steady decline to the sales of QUOTIDIAN. As much as we tried to call attention to the benefits of the lighter conditioning beard oil we could not overcome the misconception that it was not strong enough. No matter how well we described its benefits and the light weight, we stepped back to understand “in the matters of taste, the customer is always right.” Yet, it still has its place and is the right option for many beards.

No matter how we look at it, QUOTIDIAN needs to change. It is a very light, in density and color, beard oil. Those who find beard oils to leave too much of a greasy feel would find this an ideal beard conditioning oil to use. Being one of our original formulas, along with BULWARK, it did very well for a long time. As men became more aware of beard care they often felt that their beard was worse off than it actually was; going directly to the strongest beard oil possible. This is not only true for us, but for many beard oils on the market as many of them area heavier weight oils. That first experience with beard oil would shape how men felt about the product overall. With a very oil, greasy feeling beard they opted to not use beard oil at all. This is why QUOTIDIAN should be given another chance with an improve formula and mission.


Those with longer hair may be familiar with Argan Oil Hair Treatments, or other “hot oil” treatments to deeply condition their hair. Especially those that use a variety of styling tools and products to achieve their look. All those things will damage hair, dry it out, and make it look dull and feel brittle. We had made an Argan Oil Hair Treatment in the past that was quite popular, but with changes of the market place we were not able to get it in front of the core demographic as we often get dismissed as purely a “bearded men’s product maker.”

A new energized life for QUOTIDIAN will be a dual purpose oil that is ideal for any hair. Used as a hot oil treatment for the head, or a daily conditioner for beards. This new approach, and at this time, should help gain more exposure for this product.

Changes to the formula will be made. QUOTIDIAN has always been our most luxurious formula using the finest oils possible. Since our founding, new natural oils have become more easily available. We have resisted changing formulas for any of our oils as the change may lead to disappointed customers who feel the new formula is inferior. Some people dislike change.


Existing inventory of pre-scented bottles will be reduced in price to sell faster. Scent to Order/Custom scents will not be available. We will not be making any additional unscented base of this formula. Remaining inventory is still solidly good product and is still a great beard oil to use.

A new formulation is in the works. Keeping much of the same ingredients as currently available, but in new ratios and a couple new oils being added. We will go into the new formulation when it is ready.


Plans are for a September launch of this new formula. At that time, there will be new options marketed to our broader JÖL base, with scents that appeal to more than men. ALL variants will be SCENT to ORDER until we see which scents are most popular to have pre-made. The labeling will call out its new dual purpose as a HAIR & BEARD OIL. The new JÖL scent options will be branded as such and sold through the JÖL Hair Care category, and will include a eye-dropper dispenser by default – an added premium for the J&L variants.

We do not expect the new formula to cost any more than the $14.00 for 30ml bottle as our Beard Oils have been.

Expect a lot of attention given to the benefits of QUOTIDIAN and why it has been our most premium beard oil, just now a premium hair oil too. Let us know what you think…

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