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Stock Levels Update: Post Midsommarfest

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Due to our limited production capabilities we have a few No Stock and quite a few Low Stock situations. I hope to give some insight into when we feel we should be back to standard stock levels. These will be listed by category.


We are capable of making all scents and formulas at this time. Our issue here is that we are out of label stock at this time. Replenishment stock is due by 6/14, so there may only be a 24 to 48 hour delay in shipping for the next week. This inventory is not detailed, so you will not see out of stock notices with each scent.


The new formula is sold out. These initial units were our first batch of this new formula. Although we made them available for this festival, plans are still in place for a full launch in July. At that time, we will have significant inventory. This is a lower priority item at this time as it is technically pre-launch.


Most scents are at adequate levels, a few are at very low levels. We are ordering more supplies to be able to handle a significant production run; we will start with our lowest stock levels first. This could be over 2 weeks before we can have these completed – bars require at least 1 week to cure before we can package to sell. Citrus Green Tea, Oxford, Reach the Beach, and Tonka + Oud are most impacted. Our 1 per order limit is still in effect and will continue until we are able to produce a much larger quantity per production run.


We have Body Mists set to start production next Tuesday (6/19). These will be available by 6/22. Scents most affected: Citrus Green Tea, Arid Forest, Oxford, Pink Chateau, and Norseman.


Ginger Saffron, Citrus Green Tea, and Night Swimming are out of stock. We are looking to do a quick production run of these scents this weekend to return them to stock. Later we plan to do a larger production run to bring all Wax Melts up to significant stock levels for all year round scents.


Arid Forest, Frontiersman, Norseman, and Citrus Green Tea are all critically low. These will be put into production this Friday and ready to sell by Monday (6/17). Seasonal scents will be monitored to see if there is a future need to make more as August 1st is our end of Spring/Summer seasonal scents production.


Citrus Green Tea, Night Swimming, Rain In The Summertime are the only low stock scents. We may be able to produce a handful of each over this coming weekend to satisfy potential demand as we await stock to produce even more.


We are nearly sold out of this item. There is significant inventory of necessary components to make a larger batch Thursday (6/13). These would then be ready to see promptly after labeling.


This sold out item will also be produced Thursday and should be ready to sell by the middle of the following week.

“It is better to sell out than to not sell any at all.”

Although this does not make for a good reputation with you, our customer, but it is a positive and something we can work to overcome as we grow. Since the introduction of candles and other items that have become rapidly popular we have been able to increase our buying power to get better pricing and able to get replenishment stock quicker on a regular basis. Yet, there will be times that demand is still greater than we could anticipate.

We were quite surprised how well certain scents performed this time around. Scents that have been around for quite some time that were never that wildly popular became our big sellers and why some of these low and out of stock items exist. Work is continually taking place to prevent these situations. Forecasting is a challenge when we honestly don’t have deep enough trends to monitor to aid in predicting future demand. This is merely a side effect of our size. All of this leads to why we are seeking a larger production and storage facility that could potentially support in person shopping. Your support is making this even more possible.

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