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Midsommarfest 2024 Recap & Thank You

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Andersonville will always be an important part of our story, It was where we first made a name for ourselves within our home town. It is where we participated in our first Chicago Street Festival with City Made Fest in 2015. Then we were strictly about our beard care and men’s grooming. We shared the space with another artist, which helped reduce the risks we were taking. It was also great to have some company. The success we experienced taught us a huge lesson and we decided festivals were a reliable way to market our brand and build a local customer base.

After one more appearance at City Made Fest, the event was discontinued. Going forward we decided to take part in Midsommarfest and other area festivals. This is when we became an annual fixture of Andersonville’s biggest party. Over the years we have built a solid relationship with the neighborhood and greater communities. Year over year we have had greater success and built relationships with many members of the community.

This year made our 10th appearance at an Andersonville festival and one that I will consider our best. Despite poor weather which impacted attendance, which impacted our sales, we still have a great experience. The biggest impact for us was those who came into out little space and shared their experiences with us over the years. So many people told us how much they look forward to seeing us to stock up on their favorites and to see what’s new. I may not get names, but faces always stick with me.

The excitement even new customers had over what we have to offer and the appreciation of our products, scents, and our values. You all connected well with who we are and the statements we try to make through our products, pricing, and aesthetic. To prove it is possible to offer hand-crafted products that are of quality and without pretense and inflated image pricing. To be competitive without compromise to who we want to be.

It is with heartfelt thanks that we show our appreciation for all our customers, long-time and new for your support and enthusiasm for what we do. You bring yourself, your friends and your family into our little space – making the J&L – JÖL family even bigger. The smiles, the thanks you give us, the pure kindness you share means so much to us. You validate what we do, and without that we would not be coming back year over year. Nor would be work to expand what we make to even better meet your interests and needs.

We are never really well prepared for these festivals. We make plenty of items to ensure we meet expected demand/sales; and to have inventory available to our online customers. No matter how well we prepare, there are always some miscalculations. This year we did very well and meeting the demand at the festival. A few items greatly exceeded how we thought they would perform. Some scents were more topical at the time, or hitting the right notes. Scents can be like fashion; having trends and seasons. Sometimes the timing is just right, sometimes we come late or have been too early with our scents. This year was no exception.

Some of our items are finding their place at the top of our favorites. Our Body Mists have increasingly become more and more popular. This is an item we are going give more attention to keep stock levels up and refine their appearance even more. Our Room Sprays have continued their climb up the charts as well. And wow, our BIGBAR Soaps have been huge! Soaps have always been a nice little accessory to what we offer; a little something to complete a personal care regimen or bring a favorite fragrance to another part of your daily routine.

Increase demand will have a big impact on a small maker like us. To keep the momentum going, we need to find ways to increase production on these hot items to make sure we always have them in stock. With feedback we have received, we are looking into ways to expand scent options across more categories. While not every scent is ideal as a “body” and “home” fragrance; many can translate well enough to offer more variety.

With this in mind, we will be experiencing some inventory constraints for the next month. It will take time to get the supplies on hand to get our inventory where we need to have it to meet our regular online demand. There is also another potential festival outing that we must also be ready for.

Some items are currently out of stock, they will be our primary focus to replenish with at least a few to hold us over to when we can make more. For the most part, candles, room sprays and body mists will be back to a good status by end of this week as we have all required components on hand to make what is currently sold out. Beard oil & butter sold better than our last couple outings, so they took a bigger hit. We are also out of label stock until midweek, so we may be slow at getting some orders filled for online sales. Side note, more and more of our beard care scents will be made to order to ensure a fresher product.

Most of our labels are printed in-house. This leads to a less than perfect look to our labels but allows us to remain flexible as products gain momentum. Work will be done to get professionally printed labels for all higher volume selling items or variants. We will continue to self print labels for new scents and new products we are testing.

It is with even bigger thanks to all of you that keep driving us, giving us suggestions and ideas, asking for items you use but would like to buy from us. This is a huge part of who we are; keep in tune with what you want makes sure we stay relevant and a brand you will return to over and over again.

We do not have confirmation on our next festival appearance as of yet, do look forward to announcements on our socials.

Again, THANK YOU!!!

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