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What to expect from us at Midsommarfest, or any other fest Pop-Up

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This is our 8th year doing festivals and each year presents a little something different yet can be pretty much the same. For those not familiar with Chicago Street Festivals, or not familiar with our means of participation through a Pop-Up, we offer some insights on what it is like and what you can look forward to from us.


In its entirety, the festival is like giant block party meets a carnival without the rides. There is food, music, and all sorts of activities for everyone. Midsommarfest is more family & kid friendly than others, which is something worth noting. There will also be merchants of all different kinds. Some are purely artists within a wide variety of media, crafters making all sorts of cool things to use or wear. There are vendors of all sorts of goods that they did not make – jewelry, sunglasses, toys. There are local services of every kind promoting the benefits of the services they provide. And then there are the budding enterprise merchants who are using such events as a means to expand or promote their business of selling goods they make. This is where we fall in. Although everything we do is hand crafted, our mission is to be more than a craft maker.

Like any outdoor event, weather is a major factor. Often it is rainy at some point over the weekend, and likely to be rather warm. Regardless of weather, unless it gets extreme, we will be open for you to come in and shop. We have shut down our booth early twice at events due to heavy rain and thunderstorms that were to linger throughout the last day of the event knowing that people will not be risking their safety to shop at festival. For your safety, keep an eye on the forecast for the day. Note when periods of heavier rain may occur. Keep an eye on our Socials to see if we are closing early due to weather. With that, if you come and see our canopy sides down, we may still have a means to enter our tent while we protect all that is inside.


For those that have never visited us at a festival, we are not like most merchants in how we present our wares. We don’t sell across a table to you, instead we invite you into our 10′ x 10′ mini store to browse and shop. It can get crowded and a bit hectic at times, but we do our best to keep everything moving along so we can get to every person and welcome you. There is no pressure to buy when you shop with us, you are free to browse and inspect every item we have. Some items may not be able to be opened for health and safety reasons, but we will do our best to offer a tester or sample version for you to try.

Although we will have a wide variety of what we make, we will not have it all available on site. The space is merchandised with related items together with a single sign that lists the items and prices for each section; much like a menu board. With all that we will have there, candles will dominate the space. In person, our candles are THE HOT ITEM. Demanding the most attention and engagement with shoppers. For that reason they will be placed out in front for easy visibility. Everything else will be distributed between shelves around the inside edges. The checkout/cash-wrap will be towards a corner where there is shade, so we can see the screen on our “register”.

Compared to years past, we will further refine our presentation and limit what items we will have on hand to show off our best sellers and introduce you to some of our coolest items. If there is a chance of it being hot and humid, we may have to further limit our offerings and leave items behind that may not hold up well outdoors in such conditions. By not having everything on site, we cannot offer online ordering for pickup at events. Being that we are at the event, pickup from office will also be turned off for the weekend.


  • Our register is a web based link to our actual website running on a tablet or notebook to ensure accurate inventory. Unfortunately site member discounts may not be applied for any in-person sales due to the time needed to manually look up each customer.
  • We rely upon cellular data to process credit payments, due to increased cellular traffic it can be slower than one would expect. Please be patient and wait for the firm acknowledgement that you payment has been processed before stepping away.
  • We do not accept money transfer payments like Venmo or Zelle. Standard credit/debit cards will be accepted via 3rd party services (Apple Pay, Google Pay) or direct by tap or chip.
  • There is no upcharge or extra fee for card use. By using your card you are making things easier for us.
  • Tipping is not appropriate, and we will never ask for one.
  • Local sales tax will be applied at checkout.
  • We do not offer bulk discounts, or tiered discounts related to quantity of items. Our prices are such that there is little room for discounts as well as applying discounts manually slows down our checkout process. J&L/JÖL wishes to keep the prices lower to allow everyone to have a reliable good price for our items.


Other than being prepared for whatever nature has in store, there are some reminders we would like to give. Festivals are well attended by all sorts of people, some are there to take advantage of the crowds to help themselves to what you may have on you. Keep your cash, wallet/purse, bags secure on you. Be very mindful of your surroundings. The events take place on city streets and sidewalk, there will be an abundance of hazards to look out for – cracked pavements, divots, water & power leading to the vendors dragged across the street. Businesses along the street will likely be open with people coming in and out through their doors; and may have sandwich board signs to lure in customers. There will be pets, small children, and distracted people everywhere. All of these things and more means there is a lot be mindful of.

Have sunblock!!! Even if it’s hazy or party sunny, have it ready! Drink plenty of water, more if you may also drink coffee or alcoholic beverages so you don’t get dehydrated.


Our space can get crowded at times and there is not a lot of room. Please be careful when moving through and be patient with other shoppers as they browse. Although we do secure our fixtures, they will not withstand hard knocks and bumps. Nothing we sell is truly a hazard, but we wish to prevent damage to our goods. Please keep an eye on children and pets that may wander through – even if they are not yours. If it is your pet be mindful of the leash, and what may grab their nose.

If you are carrying a drink, you are free to place it on our shelving to have your hands free to look at things more closely. Just remember to take your drink with you when you move on.

Please be aware that we may not be able to get away from our booth for our breaks. It is very possible that we may be enjoying a meal when you approach. Please don’t be annoyed by this, we are there all day with no place set aside for us to have a break – we take our breaks at our booth. With no breakroom for us to head to, we may be doing our best to take in some sustenance while you shop.


This should go without saying, but EVERYONE is welcome in our space. Although we make beard care products and owned by men, nothing we make is specific to any gender, race, or age. Even our beard care items are great for people with longer hair, or hair that is easily damaged. Many items have uses that extend beyond the core purpose stated. Our focus is on how a product performs and that there is a scent (for scented items) that you will enjoy most. When you come into our Pop Up we want you to bring all of you. Be You! Be Epic! has been our motto for a reason!

It is a part of who we are as people that we respect all that come into our space and treat them politely, professionally and with sincere kindness. Often we can be very light and whimsical, doing our best to keep spirits raised during what can be a very hectic weekend.

We look forward to seeing you this summer, please come in and say hello! For up through the moment info about the events, follow us on Facebook

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