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Midsommarfest is On!

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We are all booked and getting ready for the 58th Midsommarfest here in Chicago. For many of our local friends this is where they first discovered us. Over the coming weeks we will be working to make sure we have enough of our stuff to meet the demand we are likely to encounter.

At this time we do not know exactly where along Clark Street we will be. Once we learn we will post it on Facebook and our Home page.

We are going to scale back the variety of products we make to give room for all that sells more rapidly and appeal to the festival environment. For certain we will have our full assortment of Beard Care in our ready to go scents, all natural lotions and moisturizers, body mists, room sprays, wax melts, and of course our paint can candles. Unless the weather is too hot, humid or both we will have our BIG BAR Soaps on site. These don’t like the hot sun, so we may have displays with inventory kept in a cool dark place.

Would you like to help us out?

Being that there are only 2 of us and we can get easily overwhelmed during peak times we like to have a couple volunteers around to greet shoppers, and give L a break as he has a day job too. Although a candidate will be a volunteer, we will present some perks: a meal, drinks (we will have plenty of water on hand), a discount on products and/or a few bucks for your pocket. We rely upon a volunteer structure as we are not equipped for “employees” at this time. Our biggest needs will be Friday the 7th to help set up in the afternoon, Saturday & Sunday from Noon to 6:00pm when it is the busiest. Being able to give 3 or more hours of your time will be a big help for us.

What we are looking for: someone who is relaxed and kind enough to say hello to anyone who approaches our tent. Learn a few basics about product features like size, price, options – most details will be on the signs or packaging. Humble enough to say you don’t know if presented with a question you cannot answer. We have always had a very positive experience with our customers and we like to have fun and keep a festival atmosphere going. Able to present our products and brands in a positive manner without overly disparaging any other brand. Although we are a gender neutral line of products, we wish to get help from those identifying or present female and non-binary individuals to help bring some balance to our presentation.

We tend to be rather jovial while we remain professional. As the maker, John will be available at all times to answer the more complicated questions and handle all transactions. We like to keep the stress to an absolute minimum. We will cherish what help we get and value you and your time! Plus, you are already there for the festival to meet up with friends when you’re done.

If you wish to help or learn more, send us a message to with Volunteer in the subject. Or message us on Facebook

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