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A Cigar & Pipe Smoker’s Guide to JÖL Candles

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Those behind the scenes here at J&L are known to enjoy fine, and sometimes not so fine, cigars. We are also occasional pipe smokers. A room in our home has been designed to accommodate this interest of ours. As much as we enjoy our cigars while we smoke them, often with a fine whisky at hand, there are some draw backs. While smoking the smoke can quickly fill the room. Even with air filtration and proper venting we still can have a cloudy room to deal with that can distract from our full enjoyment. This is only heightened when we have guests. With all the steps we take to limit the smokey smell from drifting throughout our home, we still can smell it later. More so if we leave the house for a bit to then return to the smell hitting us harder.

Long before I started making candles for JÖL, I would make them for myself. The purpose being that it helped dissipate the smoke while smoking when lit within our smoking lounge. Sometimes we would place a burning candle in an open area of our home to help fight the smokey smell that would develop later. A problem I had with shopping for candles is finding scents that did not alter the experience of the cigar while I enjoy it. Even the “smoker’s candles” were either too weak to help or were so costly for how little they lasted.

For all these reasons, I decided to create a guide to our candles and call out our favorite scents to burn while smoking – and why!

The general benefits of JÖL candles: Solid scent throw – whether light or strong, our scents last. We offer a wide variety of scents, some are more ideal to have in the background as they quietly refresh the air; others are more forward and help set the atmosphere. Our candles last! Between the use of the paint cans that help manage the burn, as well as using a higher quality 100% soy wax, our candles will last 80 hours or more! Our initial testing in our lounge had them lasting closer to 120 hours. The size and layout of the room will factor into the lifespan. We scent our candles with max scent oil load of 9 to 10%; any more and it would negatively affect the burn quality. The can is more stable when sitting on a surface. It won’t suddenly shatter as glass can, nor will it break in shipping! For looks, it carries a simple industrial look that will work in any smoking lounge.

Why burn a candle when smoking? It has been shown that candle can help warm the air and lift the smoke with it up and out of the way. Less likely to get smokey eyes. That alone is why I use a candle when smoking. It can also help set the atmosphere of a room. The light amber glow along with dimmed lighting can help create a more relaxed space. Add a little music and you have created a great space to indulge.

About scents: Scents can compliment or contradict your smoking experience. Some scents distract from the earthy light sweet notes of tobacco. A wrong scent makes that whisky go from smokey to fruity real quick. What your nose smells greatly impacts how things taste. There is no one perfect scent, although unscented in perfectly fine. In the candles I am suggesting here, I am focusing on the scents that have been most enjoyed when we smoke. JÖL tends to stay away from overly sweet, floral, and fruity scents. Partly because those scents are often over done in the candle maker world. I tend to be drawn to scents that are deeper, warmer, more earthy. Woods, musk, spice; things that are aged, dried, or even cured.

Here are my suggestions for great scents to burn while you smoke:

Black Cherry Pipe Tobacco Scented Candle - Autumn/Winter 2020

BLACK CHERRY PIPE TOBACCO: Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. This is our most popular scent from the start. It carries all those warm and darkly sweet notes of black cherry pipe tobacco. It is smooth and warming; and definitely not overpowering. Perfectly balanced between light and bold. It blends perfectly with any cigar.

NORSEMAN: Our second biggest seller. This carries some notes of cypress/juniper, light notes of eucalyptus, and a hint of lavender that you wouldn’t notice if I didn’t tell you it was there. It is also perfectly balanced and can easily fade into the background. It pairs best with milder smokes.

Norseman 1 Pint Paint Can Soy Wax Candle

GREASY JUNGLE: This is my personal favorite. It is a more refined scent with cologne adjacent notes of marine, camphor, vetiver and cedar. A very grown up scent. Also on the lighter side so not to compete with your smoke. Well rounded and pairs well with any cigar.

ARID FOREST: A near spiritual aroma of palo santo; an aged desert wood used for various rituals in Latin America. Lightly smokey with some soft spice and citrus notes, notes of sandalwood. It is a great compliment to the natural burning tobacco scent; pairing well with any strength of cigar.

Tonka + Oud Scented Candle

TONKA + OUD: Oud is a highly prized wood used through Asia and the Middle East for it’s mellow amber smokiness. There is no scent like it, and for that it is one of the most costliest commodities in the world. Tonka is a coffee bean like berry from Africa. Though toxic if eaten, it’s fruit gives off a deep cherry chocolate scent. It is one of our most loved scents around the house. It will certainly blend well with a medium to bold cigar.

NIGHT SWIMMING: Offering a more crisp scent of ozone, marine and sea salt, but with darker notes of musk & petitgrain. This may be more light that some may like, but I have found it to be a great scent to have on hand in the lounge. I enjoy this most in the summer and to pair it with a milder stick.

Oak Moss + Amber Scented Candle

OAK MOSS + AMBER: On the earthy side with the notes of musk. Also carries some lighter notes of grapefruit, sage, and lavender. This scent is on bolder side of things but still a good burn in a larger den. Some that may not like the earthy side of things may find this less ideal, but it is a personal favorite around here. It will pair well with bolder, spicier cigars.

While these are a part of our year round scent options, there are other scents we offer that are seasonally available that may also be a great choice for your smoking room. TIDE IS NIGH, NEW GOLD DREAM, ZEPHYRUS WINTERTALE. I left off two popular scents that on the surface may seem like great scents for the smoking room but I find they are a little too strong: CEDAR LEATHER is very cologne like and can be a bit much; FRONTIERSMAN is a balsam and cedar blend that I find to “piney” for when I smoke. I call these out as they may be of interest. Consider them runners-up.

Don’t care to burn a candle?

We can still help you out. For those that don’t want to worry about an open flame but want the candle experience, we have WAX MELTS available in all the same scents as our candles. Wax melts require a WARMER – a small appliance that functions like a tiny crock pot that you place scented wax chunks into to melt. This will then function like a candle to release the scent into the air. There are also ROOM + FABRIC SPRAYS available that can used to clear the air after you smoke, or anytime you wish to refresh the smell of a space. In addition to the scents listed above, we also recommend our BAMBOO FOREST in the Room Spray to use like any room deodorizer. It’s the ideal “nullifying” scent to use – a scent that helps hide undesired scents without leaving a perfume scent behind. It is such a light scent, you may not even notice it all but you won’t notice the smokey smell either.

Take a look at our collections and see if you think at least one of these would heighten your cigar experience.

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