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Building for the Future: Sales or No Sales?

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For those that have been shopping with us for some time know that we are not big on offering sale prices. It is part of our values to be consistent in our pricing for all customers, new and returning, all year long. Sales do help draw attention to select items and can attract new shoppers at times. When we do offer sales, it is not usually a BIG SALE, but a small discount on our often lower priced items. We want to build a level of dependability by offering a good price all the time, over deep discounts to attract that new customer to then face a steep price when it is not on sale.

As we prepare to head into our next phase, we need to be more sensible about our revenue. We need to show strong sales trends with reliable income from those sales. Offering discounts causes peaks and valleys that lead to the interpretation that we are not consistent.

To avoid this perception, we can raise our prices to offset the discounts, but then we would tarnish our view as being more affordable year round. It is also a lot of work to create sales on our website. We must manually adjust the price for each item and set the time period for the sale. IF we do that for just a handful of items, that is a lot of work for one person to accomplish. We also need to take steps to avoid extreme discounting abuse and make sure that no coupons are applicable, that wording to the sale announcement is accurate and clear, and that there is enough inventory to meet the potential spike in demand. Right now, that is a lot of work that takes away from regular daily tasks. Once we take this next step, we can have a team to help with all these tasks.

The dilemma I am facing today is whether I should raise pricing on the categories most impacted by discounts, or not offer discount pricing at all and keep our regular pricing where it is at. I have opted to not engage in discounting our products for the next 6 months while we prepare for our next step. J&L / JÖL will not have any items “On Sale” through this period. Closeout discounts, inventory reduction discounts will remain as we must clear space in our current storage situation. We will still shine a spotlight on products to being awareness to their features and availability.

To help drive sales in a way that will not negatively impact our revenue, there are categories where we can lower the prices a bit to make them more attractive to purchase and will retain a respectable margin. As we work through analyzing the data, we will create that list of items to adjust and make an announcement when ready.

As we often tell people in person, compare our products to what you find on Etsy – like sizes, ingredients, formulations, and performance are very likely to be 50% higher in price that our own. For example, our ROOM + FABRIC SPRAY is all natural, 5 ingredients, carry a generous scent load, use an true emulsifier (so no need to shake when using) and are in an 8 ounce bottle for $12.00. You will find most linen sprays are 3 to 4 ounce bottles, do not contain an emulsifier and sell for $20! This is why we do not do sales that often. We offer quality hand crafted goods for less that like makers! It’s not because we don’t think our stuff is not that good, it is because we don’t think there is any justification to charge more without being greedy or pretentious.

I hope you understand our position and see that we can still offer you a solid value at our every day pricing.

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