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Changes to our Contact Emails Coming

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We have seen a dramatic increase in malicious content being sent to our various email accounts. Over the years we have used different accounts to more easily communicate with our customers, suppliers, and other business contacts. There is also a general information contact email account and a specific account used for our Web software services. All of this is done to simplify communication with every entity we must do business with.

We have tried every attempt to filter SPAM and potentially malicious communications to prevent risk to our own systems as well as everyone we communicate with. Unfortunately we have little resources available to us to remove all risks. As a policy, we do not interact with any email from an unknown source, and any email where the sender name does not match the signature name nor the email account name. We also block all emails coming from email services like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo that are supposedly coming from professionals. If the domain name does not match the business name, we block that domain as well.

All of this has made it extremely difficult to communicate with all our proper legitimate contacts. Even our customer service account is flooded with spam for an insane number of sources offering everything imaginable. One wrong click and we open up our computer(s) to viruses, phishing attempts, or worse. Even with all the protections we have in place, the risk is still there. The only sure way to clear this up, at least for now, is to redesign our communication accounts.

This spring, we will introduce 3 new email accounts. With that, our info@, support@, sales@, purchasing@ accounts will be deleted with communications archived.

The new accounts will be communicated with those channels that they will be intended for: customers, web services, suppliers, and general information. Our website will not list these email accounts under an updated “contact” page as a link – to avoid bot scanning. Any email account that is strictly for internal use will not be made public and only used with valid known contacts for their specific purpose.

We are also working to improve security for email communication on the server side to prevent risky emails from even making it through. Rules will be implemented to validate the sender and scan content. We will start this work over the next couple weeks, with the end of March being the planned deadline for completion.

Please note, there has not been any breach of our systems, server, or partners that has compromised any data. We are taking this measure to further minimize the risk in the future. In regards to payment information, it is never shared with us in any means as it is fully processed by Stripe Inc, a payment gateway and merchant services contractor that uses the highest rated payment security systems of any merchant banking service. Personal data is held only in association with orders, as described in our policy pages.

These email account changes should not affect any processes as we implement them. The old email accounts you may have saved will become inactive if affected. Future receipts and invoices will contain the new account upon creation as we migrate all communications to these new accounts. Once we announce the changes have been made, please reply to the new account from that date forward. All emails from us to you will be under the new account name from that date forward. 90 Days from that date, all closed accounts will be archived and no longer quickly accessible. Emails to such accounts will be bounced after that date.

If you have any questions, please contact us via Facebook Messenger or to our Current “support” account.

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