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Let’s Celebrate 10 Years of Epic Beard Care

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February 4th is when it begins.

Although this is a very big milestone for us, we are not going crazy with our celebration. Like much of what we do, we are keeping it simple and on point. Plus, it is hard to throw wow-factor sales when we are offering a respectable price every day as part of our values; making it easier for more people to be Epic.

Beard Care has been our core. Over these 10 years we have introduced loads of other things that aren’t a part of that core. To really celebrate our beginnings, we feel it is important to shine that spotlight on what we did that allowed us to do all that came after. What we did was introduced Beard Care that targeted specific needs and giving real choice to the level of care your beard may need. We didn’t just offer a solitary beard oil in a handful of scents, but 3 Beard Oil formulas to let you match the right natural oil blend for YOUR beard. And we offered those in a WIDE array of scents – and unscented. We were the first to do this, and as far as we can tell we are still the only beard oil maker that does it.

That was not the extent of our innovation. Knowing that oil was not the right thing for every beard, and knowing from experience that a beard needs more than conditioning to look its best; we invented The Original Beard Butter. More than a balm meets oil conditioning pomade, a true multitasker that became part of the Beard Care lexicon. Despite that, we did it first and we do it best! While those other beard butters may use that title or copy the formula, our original still olds up as being made from the finest natural ingredients and those that can be certified as being Organic are truly organic. Today we offer the same original formula with the only change being the addition of Vitamin E.

Looking at the landscape of Men’s Grooming & Personal Care products, we have seen the rise of a new trend. Offering a body oil or lotion intended to be used as a deodorant/odor fighter for your “junk”. These items are presented as being a truly new concept. While we don’t claim to have invented such lotions for the twig & berry garden, nor creating a body oil targeted to men. But we were the first to offer a Deodorizing Body Oil for your junk. JUNK OIL was introduced within our first year and has been a wildly popular item and was the first item that attracted more than men to our little enterprise. We have also introduced a cream lotion version, but the original OIL is the best!

Our innovations were not limited to our products. They can also be found in our Values. Though genuinely not innovative, but we strongly feel that everything possible we can do we do ourselves. Outsourcing has become the means to quickly explode your business – but of our contemporaries that did just that, not too many of them are still around. We strongly believe in investing within and to organically grow our business through building a solid reputation with our customers. Over the 10 years we may have struggled with that here and there, but overall we continue to grow and improve all that is J&L.

With Beard Care being our origin, we wish to spend a little time revitalizing the J&L Pogonotrophics Brand. We are looking to introduce an easier way to shop by scent, so you can more easily find more items that coordinate with your favorite fragrance. We wish to introduce some scent options to JUNK OIL that are still safe and comfortable to use in more delicate areas. More ability to customize items are in the works. We already offer a wider selection of scents in Beard Care with our SCENT TO ORDER options. This will get expanded this year. Want more or less scent in your beard oil? We are looking into a means to offer the option to have a little less or more scent in your favorite beard oil formula. To support this, it will take time to change how our store functions but we hope to have some of these improvements available this coming summer.

Very soon we will introduce our improved BEARD SHAMPOO. A richer lathering super thick shampoo that will clean and nourish without stripping or drying out your beard. Mainly available as UNSCENTED, with select custom scents being possible for a premium at a later date.

To shine a light on our Beard Care, we are offering a 10% x 2 Savings when you order $25 or more (in value after discount is applied) J&L POGONOTROPHICS Branded products starting February 4th. This will be done via coupon at checkout. It will not apply to JÖL products in your cart, nor will they count towards the $25 minimum. The coupon should be visible as available on the checkout page. Just in case it is not, enter: 10YEARSOFEPIC into the coupon field. Coupon expires 2/25/2024.

Thank you all for your appreciation of what we have been doing over the last 10 years. We hope that this year is a transformative year for us to allow us to serve more people, more easily.

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