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Celebrating 10 Years of Epic: What Epic Beard Care Means to Us

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“Epic Beard Care” has always been at the heart of J&L. It is our mission for all bearded folks to achieve the best beard possible. We set out to define what is Epic in beard care. Epic is a subjective term, and we each have our own idea of what is and is not epic. That makes it a challenge for us to help our customers create that definition.

Epic is not in length or fullness of the beard, although long full beards are quite epic in our eyes. We see a base level of epic being a well cared for beard that becomes a piece of who you are; but not all that you are. An epic beard makes a statement – YOUR statement. The beard is as epic as the person it grows upon. A beard is a work of love of one’s self, but should not look like hard work. It should natural, relaxed, comfortable and strong. It should convey as much of your character as your smile, your eyes, and your style. And yes, your beard should not be the limit or the full extent of your style. It should fit in with the whole style as much as a cap on a trucker’s head or the pocket square worn in a suit.

Our contemporaries like to force a narrow image of masculinity through their brand. We don’t like narrow. Projecting such a definition is limiting who will want to try your product. We will not define masculinity with such a narrow point of view. We will let YOU define what is masculine for yourself, if it is all that important to you.

It is key for us to not set definitions, or be gate keepers of any kind when it comes to how you wish to use our products. You choosing to use our products simply makes us happy and drives us to keep doing this.

All of this is why we have said BE YOU: BE EPIC! When it comes to beard care, be yourself! Let yourself shine the way you want to shine. Dress the way you wish to dress. Listen to the music you want to listen to. Stop letting forced, manufactured images define what is acceptable for expressing of yourself. Just like we don’t let those same influences determine how we go about doing what we do.

Ten years ago we had an idea to make beard oil for ourselves and our friends. Looking at the landscape at the time, there were only a handful of makers out there and they are were the same. A blend of common oils blended together with no care for how well they would work for every beard. The assumption was one blend worked for all beards. We all know that not every beard is alike. One blend will not work best for every beard. That is how we set ourselves apart. Was it a gimmick? Not in intent, but it can appear that way. In reality it was finding an unmet need to satisfy. We think we succeeded in doing just that.

Following through with tackling unmet needs, we found that oils conditioned the beard well, but did not help style it. We also saw that those with longer beards had issues with drying tips and split ends. Then there are those that oils were not enough to keep their beards well conditioned. This led to developing new recipes to address all these things. In the end, we found a single formula that worked for all of them. This was why we invented The Original Beard Butter. This turned out to be a significant development for beard care and was quickly copied by our contemporaries in name and formulation. Yet, they didn’t get the big picture of why it is such a revolutionary product. They don’t try to tell you all its benefits and treat it merely as a type of oil. It is so much more than that.

Another innovation of ours, was a body oil for men. Well, initially targeted to men but has grown to be loved by all. Not just a body oil, but a deodorizing body oil to help keep ya fresh “down there”. A blend of super skin softening oils that come closest to mimicking your body’s own oils and scented with a refreshing neutral scent to help fight odor. In the end, less sweat and less stink. We were the first to bring such a concept to the masses. At first everyone laughed at the names: Junk Oil. But once they tried it, it was no longer a joke.

We have only grown from there. All of that was our first 6 months of existence. Over time we introduced more to the landscape of beard care. Growing beyond the limits of masculinity, and even the human body, to create unique hand crafted personal care, grooming, and scented home products. We offer real value for higher quality natural products. Although we are a small maker-seller of such hand crafted goods, we strive to keep our prices in a range that makes them accessible to more people. Yes, we are likely more expensive than household name brands but we are just as good if not better than most brands out there – and less expensive than those supposed premium and luxury brands. With all the new things we have added, we have never let our original products falter; nor will they be forgotten.

We are not pretty. There are still rough edges. Everything possible we do in house and not outsource to anyone. From developing, making, and packaging our products to customer services, shipping, and selling our products. We design and print our labels. We hand mix and pour every item into its container. We pick, pack, and label each order we ship. We do own advertising and social media. In time, we want to add to our family to do more of this work and give real jobs to local people over handing things off to some anonymous 3rd party service provider. Many of you know this already, but for those who are new to us this is valuable information.

Thanks to all of you for getting it. Or at least trusting us. 10 years means an awful lot and gives us drive to break out of our tiny shell and take on more challenges. To help with that, share our story with your friends and family that may respect what we do. You don’t need to keep us a secret!

Warmest Sincerity,
JC & Larry

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