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Deleted Products Will Not Appear in Order History

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We are working to simplify our catalog by deleting products that are no longer a part of our planned assortment going forward, and have been no longer available for sale for at least 6 months prior. This will permit a more organized catalog and make it easier to find the items you may be shopping for and remove any confusion over when it may return to stock.

For our customers that have created a user account your Order History will be affected. The orders, once created, contain dynamic links to all items on the order as a means to make it easier to review or reorder the items you have purchased. If the item is deleted, these links will be anonymized to note that the product is no longer available or deleted from the catalog. The price you paid for the item will remain as well as all other products and line item fees, such as shipping, will remain.

Due to these deleted items being anonymized, we will not have access to determine what the product was if you wish to inquire. Requests to research this may be fruitless unless there are other details that can be provided. Best detail to offer will be the date of when the order being was placed and the order number. The accounting system we use will retain the data and is searchable by date and order number, but not customer name as that is not utilized by our accounting system. All items we make are retained in the accounting system, only archived when no longer available.

By removing all these old items it will clean up or inventory management process, allowing us to ignore all those zero stock items we no longer plan to make that clog our reporting. This is all part of our strategy to streamline our systems to focus on what we are doing today and make room for what we wish to do tomorrow.

Concepts for Future Changes to Our Catalog

We also plan to reorganize where you find certain product types into more narrow sub-categories but listed only by a greater category. These sub-categories will be searchable to make them easier to find, but may not be noted separately in the category list when you enter our Store Page. This will also make it easier to place more specific sub-categories on sale through the coupon means we have used in the past. Cross brand sub-categories will exist to represent the variety of uses of many of our products. For example, beard oils may be listed under Hair Care (look for Quotidian Beard Oil to be noted as Beard & Hair Oil soon); Beard Shampoo may be listed with Soaps. So much of what we make are not gender specific no matter what their primary intended use may be. By presenting these products in a manner that all may see and learn more about the benefits of a given product will only expand its audience to lead to more people enjoying what we love doing.

Our commitment is to keep both J&L Pogonotrophics and JÖL brands distinct and active regardless of who may use the products made under the branding. J&L will continue to be aligned with the products created for the care of facial hair, while JÖL will be literally be everything else. JÖL for Home will be a distinction for those products not intended for personal care or grooming. There are future plans for JÖL for Home to include more than the current scented home products; more to come on this detail at a later date.

With these changes our aim is to make it easier to see all that we offer in a manner that is more assuring of the abilities and function of each item. It will also further break down the unnecessary assumed gender requirements for many of the items we make. Nothing we make is assumed to be exclusively for any specific gender, despite the primary intended use. All of our skin, body and hair products perform well on ALL skin, bodies and hair!

The removal of expired or deleted products will take place immediately, and will become a part of our ongoing site maintenance. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

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