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Last Update Before the End of the Year

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“In Time for Christmas” Shipping has Closed

We can no longer assure any order will arrive to you before Christmas. Even with 2 day shipping, we wish to provide a buffer to accommodate potential carrier issues. For those who wish to still gift any of our goods, we suggest purchasing a Gift Card. Our gift cards are 100% virtual and function like account credit. It can be emailed directly to the recipient or send it to yourself to give personally to the recipient.

Local Chicago customers can still select Pick Up through Saturday at 3:00pm CST.

End of the Year Schedule

All production is suspended until after our 2024 Physical Inventory date in January. That means we will not be making more products until after then. Supply purchasing is also on hold until then, so we would not be able to make much anyway.

Order processing will be suspended from Friday 12/23 through Tuesday 12/26. Any orders we receive during this period will not ship until 12/27.

We will also be closed New Year’s Day. After which we will resume normal order processing.

Our offices will also be closed January 9th for our founder’s birthday. This will delay shipping for orders that would be expected to ship the following day.

2024 Outlook

Plans for our 10th Anniversary are coming together, we expect to announce details towards the end of January. February 4th marks the actual anniversary date.

We hope to get out to more events in the new year. To accommodate this plan we will streamline our offerings to our biggest sellers. We like the larger weekend events in areas that tend to enjoy local craft makers and genuine small businesses. We are open to any weekend festival or event that is within a short distance from our home and would not require a hotel stay. After a busy day I wish to sleep in my own bed.

The plans to narrow our focus is still ongoing. You will find fewer items in our store as we drive attention to those items that have a more stable selling history and are easy to keep well in stock to support those sales. This will be our standard operating model until we secure increased production and storage capabilities. Expect J&L Pogonotrophics branded items, JÖL for Home branded items, and select lotions and soaps to be our focus over the next few months.

Outside of not having the Holiday Market this year, our 2023 has been very good for us. We look to capitalize on this through 2024 as we look for more ways to get out there to interact with all of you. It is a challenge not having a fixed location for us to call home. It is very much our passion to find such a space. It is not easy to find such a space in Chicago, especially in the areas where we are most well known.

Although this is our last news update for 2023, do expect our End of Year round up next week.

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