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2023 Thanksgiving Weekend Promotions

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As our followers know, we are a very small maker-seller that strives to offer fair every day pricing for all that we make. When it comes to offering discount prices, we tend to skip offering big sales and deep discounts as a means to drive our business. To do so would require a higher every day price to offset those deep discounts – as you may notice with our contemporaries and their 30-70% off sales.

By offering a more straightforward approach to every day pricing, we want to make it more attractive to shop with us whenever you wish and not have to wait for when we offer that big sale. Our irregular Scent of the Month discounts are a means to encourage new customers to give a scent a try, or those that love that scent a reason to restock. With our every day price being 40 to 60% less than other maker-sellers you may find on Etsy*, we think we have a fair price.

But we want to offer some deals this season. They may not be big door busters like most retailers offer, but we wish for them to be attractive to our shoppers to help them make the most out of their holiday shopping.

J&L and JÖL have lots of great items that make wonderful gifts that offer a more personal touch. Small, local, and less-than-common! Our JÖL for HOME items will help you create a comforting atmosphere for hosting loved ones, or to provide a relaxing time at home to recuperate after celebrating.

Instead of creating a variety of targeted sale items, or specific single item discounts, we will have a variety of coupons that can be combined to get the best prices possible. Although we will publish these coupon codes, we will make it easy to apply them to your cart at checkout as every possible coupon available for the items in your cart will be viewable on the cart page before payment – if it is not automatically applied. All you will need to do is click the ones you want – likely all of them – then checkout as usual.

Due to increased costs, we are unable to offer FREE SHIPPING options this year. FLAT RATE of $7, $8 for heavy items are in place. For our Chicago area shoppers, we still offer FREE pick up by appointment.

This was thrown together real quick to help get the word out, please pardon the sloppiness. 🙂

When does this all start?

COUPONS will be published (Categories, Codes & Values) SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19 – but will not be active then! This allows you to plan your shopping to match your lists and budget. .

They will become ACTIVE on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22 at 12:00pm CST. This is when they will be operational and be applied to your cart at checkout.

Values will range from 10% to 25% Off nearly all currently active items we make.

How It Works

Shop as usual, building your cart. At checkout, before payment, all COUPONS available to you will be visible – likely below your cart OR will already be applied to the items in your cart. We have activated automatic application, but sometimes it doesn’t trigger correctly. If you don’t see the coupon or the price adjusted to reflect the coupon, you may manually enter the coupon codes.



If the coupon is not automatically applied and/or not viewable on the checkout page below you cart, manually enter all the codes that may apply. If you get an error message, ensure you are meeting the requirements.

10OFFJOLSOAPSLOTIONS Includes all in stock lotions, moisturizers, creams, bar soaps, scrubs. Note, there is a 1 bar per scent, per order limit for BIGBAR Soaps

15BEARDSTUFFS Includes all in stock and Scent to Order options of all Beard Oil formulas, Original Beard Butter, Beard Conditioner, Shaving (Oils, Soaps, After Shave Cream).

20OFFJOLCANDLES Includes all in stock 1 pint Paint Can Candles, Room + Fabric Sprays

25OFFJOLFRAGRANCE Includes all 5 JÖL Fragrances

Primp + JÖL Club Members will still see their discounted prices on applicable items. Not a member? All you need to do is create a user account with your preferred email address Click on MY ACCOUNT/LOG IN in the header portion at the top of the page. It is always best to ensure you are logged into you account to see and receive your membership prices. NOT ALL ITEMS HAVE A MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNT PRICE.

Other Related Information:

Our offices will be closed between 11/22 and 11/26 as we will be spending time with our families. We will have access to our Social Media and Customer Support email accounts to address potential questions. Our response times may slower depending on day and time.

Processing and shipping of orders will start on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27 – with a first in, first out approach. If you placed more than one order to be shipped to the same address and wish to have them shipped together, please send notice to us as quickly as possible before we ship your orders.

Local Order Pick Up will be available. Appointment times will start on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28. Pick up times have been increased for the holidays. If you paid for Shipping and wish to change to a pick up, please contact us with suggested date and times to start the appointment scheduling – limited to standard Pick Up policies. We can refund the shipping fee subtracting 2.9% due to credit processing fees paid that cannot be refunded.

Fine Print:

NOT ALL ITEMS WILL QUALIFY FOR COUPONS. Coupons are applied to general categories or to specific products, depending upon the coupon. Sale items are excluded from added discounts. Select items are being excluded, such as LIP BALM. BIGBAR Scented Soaps will be limited to 1 bar per scent per order due to high demand and limited stock. If notice is given that an item does not qualify for any of the coupons, it is not included.

Coupons need to be applied BEFORE Checkout! We cannot modify orders after they are paid.

Coupons can only be applied to in stock items at the time of checkout. To ensure you get what is in your cart, complete checkout promptly. Cart hold times are relatively short to minimize impact to product availability caused by abandoned carts.

Although these coupons are available to be stacked, they will not be able to stack with coupons issued outside of this event. Stacking is using more than one coupon per order or product.

All posted policies will apply to this promotion and all related orders. Please review our POLICIES page for more specific details if there are concerns.

*This data is based upon regular analysis of like products in ingredients, style, and size found through simple product searches. We do not target any single seller, our only requirement is that it is self made and not repackaged 3rd party products.


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