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Beard Care News: Custom Scents Are Now the Same Price as Every Day Scent Options.

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Being more efficient in our processes has allowed us to be able to remove the added premium we charged for the Scent to Order option for all Beard Oils and Beard Butter.

This is also a measure we are undertaking to keep to a unilateral price for like items. Although there are added steps to offering Scent to Order options, the goal was to give more options by making available less popular scents without negative impact to our inventory. We minimize the risks associated with slower selling items by only making them when they sell. That means our stock does not age out before we can actually sell it, preventing loss which goes right to the bottom line and increases expenses.

Changes to Beard Oil Options:

With the above statement in mind, we wish to migrate to where most Beard Oil and Beard Butter options are scented to order. Initially, we plan to switch all of QUOTIDIAN formula to this method, and in time apply it to all but those scents that sell in the highest volume for other formulas. During event seasons, we will keep a minimal amount of our top 6 scents ready to ship for each formula to make sure we have them ready for event sales.

Through scent to order, we can continue to offer more scents across all formulations in Beard Care. With the new unscented Beard Shampoo that we will soon launch, it may be possible for us to add this product to the scent to order format. Allowing you to have coordinating scents again. Due to the amount of scenting oils needed, the shampoo will likely have an upcharge for scent options. It would not be possible to offer the same in our BEARD CONDITIONER due to the work involved in making and packaging conditioner.

Saying Farewell

The HAVANA scent is being discontinued. Although it was once a very popular scent, it is no longer capturing the same audience. Our inventory of the scent oils used has been exhausted and it is time we say goodbye to this scent. HAVANA was one of our first “Limited Edition” scents way back when and immediately became so much of a hit that we eventually made it part of our regular options. The remaining inventory is currently marked down for clearance.

For those that enjoy the sweet, earthy notes of Fine Tobacco, we still offer HOWARD’S PIPE as a scent to order option. A sweet cherry pipe tobacco scent and very similar to our BLACK CHERRY PIPE TOBACCO scent offered in JÖL items – just not as sweet.

We have also removed the LEATHER scent from our options. The audience for this scent was very narrow and was not a popular enough of a scent to keep it going as an Every Day Scent. We will analyze our inventory of scent oils to see if a possible return of this scent as a Scent to Order option.

Always Welcoming New Scents

A while back we introduced GREASY JUNGLE first as a beard care scent. It was so well received that we added it to candles later. We plan to introduce more new scents within J&L Pogonotrophics over the next couple months. There may not be a big splash made when we introduce new scents. It is best to browse the scent options regularly to see what’s new.

Scents we currently offer that we may introduce as beard care scents; NEW GOLD DREAM, ARID FOREST. In initial testing these scents seem to have what it takes to make a great beard oil scent. There is one more scent we are working on that so far is AMAZING! Possibly something that will become another top seller like OXFORD, LEXINGTON and NORSEMAN have been. We don’t have a name picked out for it yet, but it carries a classic spice and woodsy notes that are unlike anything we currently offer in any product.

A Parting Thought

While working through the plans to led us to this post, the idea came that we potentially could offer the option to select ANY of our scents that are currently available in any J&L or JÖL product as a custom order option. We have dozens of scents we offer and it is no additional work for us to offer any of them in the same manner as our current Scent to Order process.

This can be done by connecting our scent list for you to browse and then type in the name of the scent you want as a product note. If there is interest in this, we can start the work to test the functionality of such a product listing.

We will continue to find ways to make our Beard Care Products stand out above the rest. Through quality, formulations, scent options, and value!

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