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JÖL for Home Winter + Stock Status Updates

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Happy Mid-October to you all. Have a couple quick updates here around JÖL for Home items – candles, melts, sprays.

Back in Stock!

All EVERY DAY, AUTUMN, WINTER, and HOLIDAY scents are in stock across all items. Any SPRING – SUMMER scents that are sold out will remain at zero stock until next Spring. This allows us to trickle down our remaining inventory until we resume production of these seasonal scents again; so their admirers will be able to grab them while we still have them. In the meantime, our focus is all about the current seasonal scents and increase holiday demand across all categories.

New Seasonal Scents coming

We have two new scents we are quite excited about, and we hope you are as well. For these new scents we focused around bringing in some new scent notes that will liven up our WINTER + HOLIDAY COLLECTIONS. Let’s talk a little about them to help you get acquainted.

BEAR-BERRY BALSAM: My love of alliteration shines with the name of this new WINTER scent. Bear berries are a nickname for Cranberries in parts of New England. The tart-sour fragrance of cranberries are blended here with light touches of baking spices and refreshing tones of pine; hence the BALSAM in the name.

Note Profile
Top: Cranberry, Cinnamon
Middle: Black Currant, Green Leaves
Base: Vanilla, Fir, Pine

NEW GOLD DREAM: Inspired by a favorite track by SIMPLE MINDS, NEW GOLD DREAM evokes a Victorian Christmas of Orange Pomander – the use of cloves or other spices to “bedazzle” citrus fruits. Orange and apple with peppercorns and clove are the highlights of this aetherial fragrance. I find this as a fine way to emulate in scent a New Gold Dream and a sweet addition to our HOLIDAY COLLECTION.

Note Profile
Top: Orange Peel, Apple, Peppercorn
Middle: Cinnamon, Clove
Base: Tonka Bean, Vanilla

These new scents are wrapping up production and will be available for sale in the coming week. Keep a watch on Facebook for details.

And, About Scent Notes / Note Profiles

We were asked recently about the note profiles we present on our JÖL for HOME items. I guess now is a good time to revisit that question and share an answer with you all.

Our scents are compiled from a wide array of natural scent oils that are proven to be safe for people and the environment. We are seeking answers around pet safety from our suppliers. We do not use pure essential oils. This does not mean that essential oils are not a part of the scent oil’s source, it means J&L/JÖL is not directly including essential oils for scenting purposes. Our scent oils are each a complex blend of natural oils that may include essential oils, but for proprietary reasons the suppliers do not offer an exact list of oils used. Those scents oils we source are then combined by us to create our scents.

Being that we offer all these uniquely scented items on a website, we want to do our best to help describe the each scent in a manner that will help you build an idea of what they scent is most likely to smell like to the wider grouping of people. Using the same premise as perfumers, wine tasters, and other finer complexly structured scents and flavors we are able to paint a picture of the scent. Many of the NOTES given are directly related to a scent oil derived from that item, others may not.

Top notes are those that are likely to hit your nose, and brain, first. They are often the easiest to detect. Middle notes are those that start to kick in after your brain processes those top notes. Your mind starts to dissect what it is smelling into familiar categories to help it understand what it is experiencing. Those base notes are the underlying heavier scents that muddle everything else yet are pronounced enough to be detected on their own. Base notes mingle through all those other notes to bring new depths to their perception. Sometimes they are not easily determined on their own due to how well they are intertwined with the rest. But they are there!

The top, middle, and base descriptions do not refer to actual physical layers to be discovered as you burn the candle, they are the layers your mind picks through when it sorts through all that your nose is taking in.

We are aware that some of the note descriptions relate to items we may not be aware of what they smell like on their own. Many of them I needed to research to help me paint a picture. Tonka Bean, Oud, Marine and more are not something any of us would encounter in our areas. Yet, they are unique enough to not have a valid more familiar alternate. This is where it is fun to discover new things and explore the source and meaning of these scents. I wish to encourage a level of self-discovery for you, much the same way it was for me. In time, I will build a glossary of these less common scent notes for us all to reference. I do hope this answers the question well and helps lead to a better understand of our scents.

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