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JÖL for HOME Scent Collection Changes

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With customer feedback, analysis of sales trends and availability of scent oils we are making some changes to our scent offerings within our assorted collections. These changes will not take place overnight as we plan to set inventory slowly shift to their new designations.


CURRANT OCCURRENCE is temporarily being retired as a scent oil is not available at this time with no estimate of when it may return to availability. There is no plan to offer a short-term replacement.


We have two new scents being added to this collection, bringing our total to 4 scents. These new scents will be announced by the end of October and will join WASSAIL and HOLIDAY HEARTH as our Holiday scents for 2023


We are going to phase out RED SANGRIA and CITRUS GREEN TEA as HOME scents. CITRUS GREEN TEA will remain a Body Spray and Soap scent. Although these scents have their admirers, overall they have not been solid performers. We will continue to offer these scents until their scenting components are depleted.

We are moving RAIN IN THE SUMMERTIME to be a part of the SPRING • SUMMER COLLECTION in 2024.

There are plans in the works for two to three new scents to add to this collection in late Spring 2024


We just introduced GREASY JUNGLE as a part of this collection this month. It has been very favorably received so far and will bring a lighter sophisticated scent that we think people would enjoy any time of the year.

The goal is to maintain the EVERY DAY COLLECTION to no more than 10 options at any given time. This may lead to some scents being retired or moved to other collections to permit the addition of new scents to this assortment.



This collection will be our means to support offering more options and keep lower performing but well loved scents available. We will make up a batch of Candles, Melts and possibly Room Sprays in these scents. There is no set time we will make them, nor a specific quantity. This will also be where to introduce new scents to test their appeal. By doing this we apply a focus to their return and encourage their fans to stock up. It will also allow new fans to test them out. These scents may be only available online, depending on quantity available when an event is scheduled.

Along with CEDAR LEATHER, we have other scents coming to this collection.

WHISKEY TANGO … is set to return by winter with a more refined scent profile that took a little longer than expected to get it right. Less sour mash, more sweet bourbon scent.

SMOKE + MIRRORS will migrate to this collection after the AUTUMN COLLECTION season ends.

ALWAYS THE SUN – an all new scent that will likely come in 2024

PINK CHATEAU – we are fine tuning this scent in hopes to introduce it next year as well.


Yes, this is a question. We are considering creating special collections of possible 4 scents that suit a specific non-seasonal theme. Such sets may pull from existing scents options as well as new scents to promoted collectively with special banner labels calling out the theme. Potentially these will also be offered at a special price when all 4 are purchased together. Possibly packed together in a single box with related theme items. Like a Lawn & Garden set packed with seeds for you to plant. We would offer this as a full size candle set, wax melt set, and a smaller size of room sprays set. This is merely conceptual at this point, yet it is of strong interest to us here. Please let us know what you think.

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