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Price Increase for Candles

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It seems that every year at this time we are forced to adjust the pricing of our candles. In part, this is due to us keeping a tight margin (profit) on these items to be competitive while we retain our value position for our brands.

As we get into “peak candle season” we are finding that many items we use to make our candles have increased significantly in price this quarter. Not only has the wax taken another jump, but all our scenting ingredients have also seen a large increases this quarter.

Shipping rates have increased as well. Not only for the costs to get these candles to online shoppers, but what we pay to get the ingredients to us to make the candles. With few of our suppliers located within the Midwest, we are forced to have things shipped from areas further away. This means we pay more per shipment. And, wax is heavy! These costs are rolled into our selling price, with the costs of incoming freight being 100% included into the costs of making our goods. Shipping to our customers has a token impact as we wish to find the right balance for all our customers to maintain a single price point no matter how you buy.

Effective September 29, 2023 all 1 Pint Paint Can Candles will increase in price by $1.00. This will make the common price for all seasonal and every day candles $25 per candle.

This price change still maintains our value when compared to other like maker/sellers. A full JÖL paint can is 14 ounces by weight. While most offer a 10 – 12 ounce candles for a minimum of $30, and that price increases significantly as the candle gets bigger. It is true that you can find larger candles at Target or other retailers for less, we do not see them as a like maker/seller with the same associated costs or ingredient quality.

We are rarely firm in our pricing and will lower our prices if we find this to be a temporary increase influenced by the season. This increase only affects candles as it feels the impact of the rising costs most. Other items that use the same ingredients are not as affected due to the quantity of the ingredients used in regards to their current selling price and production costs.

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