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End of Season

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Spring and Summer Scents are going into the vault.

AUGUST 1st is the end of the SPRING and SUMMER Seasons for us. As of this date we will cease production of all noted SPRING and SUMMER scents. These items will remain available for purchase through September as long as inventory remains. Although it is not a scent tied to these seasons, we will slow down production of RAIN IN THE SUMMERTIME. This will remain in limited quantities until after winter.

On September 1st, we will release the first part of our AUTUMN Collection. This will consist of our three existing seasonal scents from last year; CAMPFIRE TALES, HARVEST FESTIVAL and SMOKE + MIRRORS (as a limited engagement). By October 1st we will have all our WINTER and HOLIDAY scents starting to arrive on our site.

We also plan to introduce a new scent or two during this time, and likely have an all new version of WHISKEY TANGO … – something we have been consistently working on to reintroduce in a less intense form.

Look for us at APPLE FEST to see and smell all our currently available offerings. As this event is well placed between the end of one season and the start of another, it is likely that we will have ALL available scents on hand at this event. Expect up to 24 scents ready for you to smell and hopefully find at least one to buy.

Closed for a Staycation

We will be closed for a few days in September for a personal activity. This will only affect customer service and order processing between September 8, 2023 and September 11, 2023. Shipping order will resume on the 11th!

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