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Where are the videos?

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This spring I kicked up my commitment to making video content to support all that is J&L and JÖL. I was off to a good start, but then nothing. For those that are/were following and wondering what’s up, here is an update on what is happening.

First, work got in the way. I was very occupied making product and having less time to talk about it. April and May were very involved months behind the scenes. The ramp up to a festival is always stressful for me and unrelated tasks get put aside. With no festival planned for the rest of the summer, I should be able to refocus activities to other areas. Such as video making.

There were also technical difficulties that made production much harder than need be. Most of the video was shot using my phone. My phone, which is still quite new, was over heating which caused some damage to the phone’s internals. Although I have another video camera, the phone was easier and offered better quality. Using the video camera was hard to get adequate lighting and the sound quality was not amazing. I am looking into a new mic setup to make that better. As for the lighting, we will have to do with it not being brightly lit. It won’t be dark, just not nightly news bright.

With the warmer weather, the windows are open. Opened windows lead to all of the wonderful natural sounds of an urban environment coming through. Between birds chirping, sirens and horns, garbage trucks and loud people outside I cannot set up shop to capture a video with all that noise. Once I get the new mics, I should be able to isolate audio better and minimize environmental sounds. It was already hard enough to film with the windows closed.

With all that work to prepare for the festival, I am now dealing with a disorganized work area. This week I will be working on getting every tiny detail packed away into it’s proper home. The weeks following the fest were focused on restocking sold out items which delayed getting everything put away properly. Now that it is managed, I should be able to start doing some ground work on putting together topics.

There is follow up to the earlier videos to be presented. The plan will be to do this somewhat of a podcast style. It will be me at a table talking about products, plans, ideas, and more. Until I have a full studio space, this is likely the best format to use to build up a connection with the public to tell our stories. I wish to have a video posted every couple weeks or so. Once that habit is made, it should become more routine and easier to prepare.

I do look forward to getting back to work on our video content. It is something I was enjoying, even if there wasn’t a substantial audience. Thank you to all those that have followed along so far.

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