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Big News from J&L Concerning Beard Care!

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Hope that grabbed your attention!

This news is not all that big, but I did want to get the word out about a couple changes coming to Beard Care. Most specifically, Beard Shampoo.

All current Beard Shampoo 180ml scent options are being clearanced. We are discontinuing scented options for Beard Shampoo in liquid form. Going forward, the only SCENTED option will be within our BIGBAR All-In-One Utility bars. Yes, these make ideal beard shampoos and this purpose was factored into their creation.

We will soon introduce an slightly updated liquid Beard Shampoo that will be unscented. This formula will be available as a 120ml (4 fl oz) bottle and a 360ml (11 fl oz) refill pouch.

You may be asking why. There are a few sensible factors behind this. First, there has been an issue with the squeeze tube bottles for some time that some may have experienced. They leak. The viscosity of the shampoo has been a little to thin for these bottles and gravity has been an enemy. I have had to discard numerous bottles due to leakage while in storage. Although I have not received any feedback from customers about this, I am sure there has been some customers experiencing it.

Offering such a wide variety in scents is a challenge and increases production costs. Factor in the losses noted above, these have become very expensive to make and with little to no profit made. The wish was to be able to offer every beard care scent in shampoo, this turned out to be a lofty goal at this time.

The coordinating conditioner is unscented anyway. This decision was made as it is even more difficult to offer a variety of conditioner scents. With these two products being designed for our Beard Oil using customers to be a part of a total beard care regimen, why offer a scented shampoo and conditioner when you are only going to put a scented (or unscented) beard oil on afterwards? Some gentlemen have said they use the shampoo daily with only the oil used occasionally; enjoying having the scent from the shampoo. For those gentlemen we suggest our coming unscented beard shampoo or the scented BIG BARs and then use a light application of the QUOTIDIAN Beard Oil formula in their desired scent as a means to have a light daily scent to wear.

A hidden cost to a maker is inventory that does not sell as rapidly as expected. Many of our products have a long, but finite shelf life. Our products are natural, even organic, and can be affected by temperature fluctuations as well as over long periods of time they may slowly change appearance or performance. With having scented options, scent popularity fluctuates greatly. It is hard to predict which scents will sell better in the near future. Having inventory made for what was hot last quarter may fall flat the next. That’s inventory that is taking up space and resources from the scents that saw higher demand – often leading to them selling out and lost sales. Meanwhile, aging on our storage shelves and not being used in your shower.

Scent is a key part of what J&L has long been about. Making such a utility product that is a first step of a beard care regimen scented is not really necessary. Most the scent gets rinsed away anyway. Yes, that quick hit of fragrance when you open up the tube to squeeze a little out is stimulating. That is the only real downside we see with the user experience going with an unscented formula.

I will discount all Beard Shampoo to base costs to move this inventory out. By the end of July, expect to find our new Beard Shampoo in stock. First, with the 120ml bottle, then the 360ml refills to follow. This method will allow you to save money too! As the refills will carry a lower price per milliliter that the bottle and last you longer. They also save the amount of plastics ended up in landfills! Which is another big reason for us to make this change. You will also be able to buy the refill to use in any bottle you may already have laying around. As always, our prices will beat any major beard care brand out there while surpassing their quality! Our 180ml beard shampoo is less than half the price of other’s 120ml bottles (at regular price) while being packed with hair nutrients they don’t offer!

There is no plan to change anything related to the BEARD CONDITIONER. In the future, as our sales continue to grow, we may be able to reintroduce scented options for beard shampoo if the need is there.

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