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Post Pop-Up Inventory Recap

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Despite doing our best to produce beyond sales forecasts and creating a reserve of inventory that we felt would be in demand after the event, we still have some low inventory levels to make note of here.


Our BIG BAR All-In-One Utility Bars were a bigger hit than we expected. Usually this category is a support act to our bigger stars. This time out, it was a star of its own. This is a category for us that has been hard to keep well in stock due to supply issues, so to have it perform well during and post event means we are seeing Out of Stock notices on nearly every scent. I am already at work on turning this around, in the meantime our LIMIT ONE policy will return until we can get all SKUs showing significant stock levels.


Select scents are very low, one scent is sold out at the moment. We expect these to be in good supply within the next couple days. These are quick to produce, so check back in a day or two if you don’t see inventory available.


Like our ROOM + FABRIC SPRAY, select scents are out of stock. We have plans to run a batch of Out of Stock SKUs next week at the latest. Look for them to start populating our site towards the first of July.


All candle stock levels are adequate for the coming weeks. Those with the lowest stock levels will see a boost once we make our way through out of stock issues.


There was an accident during the Pop-Up that caused a handful of candles to have dented rims. These candles will still burn safely and are able to be opened and resealed, they are merely more imperfect that we like. As it is with candles, those cans often come to us with dings and minor dents which we will still use. So, that level of damage is normal. This more damaged stock is available for a discount on our site.


Other items were affected by the high humidity and rain. Mainly, the labels wrinkled and don’t look so awesome. These items will be relabeled without any negative effect on the product. Once relabeled, they will return to regular stock.

Keep a watch on our Facebook as well as here on our blog for updates on these points. With out first event out of the way, we will be able to take our time to elevate all stock levels in preparation for future events. The next planned event is APPLE FEST at the end of September. We are open to adding another event in between now and then. If we learn of one that we feel suits us, we will let you know.

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